Apple's iPhone 13 event in under 10 minutes

All the biggest announcements from today’s show.
Video source: Apple

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41 thoughts on “Apple's iPhone 13 event in under 10 minutes”

  1. 6 months later iPhone 13 pro max is my favorite iPhone. That pro motion greatly improved batter and subtle camera improvements make me more appreciative then I thought I would be :)!

  2. I am happy with the iPhone pro max 13 clear sound and internet wise is quick But the only issue I have is blurry video and pictures quality other than that I am happy with it but I want apple to work on the video/pictures quality on the next pro max.

  3. I wonder when Apple switches from a notch to punch hole. They will advertise it as a generational leap in the history of the human race and the worst part is Apple fans believe that it is a new feature.

  4. I just got my new iPhone 13 on Saturday and I’m really enjoying it, this is my first iPhone ever from switching from android, this phone is way better then my log Stylo 6 I had. 💯💯👍🏼

  5. Imagine if strve jobs see how apple is working on their phones just see his last phone that he know is iphone 4 and there is iphone 13 pretty sure he is proud🥺💗

  6. I got the white, silver iPhone 13 pro max 128gb and i love ittt!! anyone who is considering getting the 13 pro max, GET IT. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. i have an unboxing/test video on my channel.

  7. Besides the never changing cameras, that they just rearrange every other year, i feel like the available colors are also lacking… And if u cant get a nice color iphone, why get an iphone imo 😂

  8. This is assome good morning bro 😎 I hope 🤞 is good with you guy's little brother in corona gereftam he has a great 😊 birthday to you and love this family so much love 💕 bye 👋

  9. Yeah I’m fine. I’ll just wait for the iPhone 14 in a year or so.. just got the 12Pro Max so no need to really upgrade this early 😂

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