Galaxy S22 Ultra from an iPhone user's Perspective..

I’ve been an Apple fan for most of my life.. and I LOVE my current iPhone 13 Pro Max. I’ve been trying out the S22 Ultra for a week, so here are the differences that I’ve noticed!
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Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is a great phone that packs awesome new features that improve on last year’s model including the display, the design and the cameras!

In this video, I talk about my experience from an iPhone user’s point of view, and which things I like and dislike.

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31 thoughts on “Galaxy S22 Ultra from an iPhone user's Perspective..”

  1. Iphone Is just copying androids see before only 60 mhz because they saw it on android copy it. They want now foldable phones after few years copying it. See the nodge they want to change copy again wtf hahhahah no originality now they plan USB c type copy
    Again hahhahah who the hell will use a lightning port?while international Is USB type stupid apple

  2. ive used all of the androids. coming from a phone retail background for over 6 years.. I switched to iPhone as my daily driver. but when a new Samsung comes out I try it..I always go back to iPhone. I see Samsung as a toy honestly now…theyre nice lookin. but apple does it better

  3. DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 ULTRA I have owned several Samsung phones but this is definitely one to dodge. I have had nothing but problems. I have contacted Samsung 4 times in in 4 months of owning this phone. Samsung are throttling the phone (slowing it down apart from performance testing apps like geekbench) giving the impression the phone is better performing than it actually is. The CEO of Samsung has come out and apologized for this. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I have been denied a refund yet I have been miss sold a phone because of this. The phons WiFi internet is a lot slower than my wife apple iphone 12 when it was working at its best. I have just been on the phone to Samsung for an hour and no progress made. This WiFi has stopped working. I have done everything, even a factory data reset. If you buy this phone… You will need to restart it twice a day for it to work. I have 200mbps and the phone only runs at 12mbps unless you restart the phone. BEWARE UK owners/buyers you are NOT getting the Snapdragon chipset that the US are getting so all these YouTube videos are irrelevant. You are getting Samsungs own cheap rubbish exinos. THIS IS MY VERY LAST SAMSUNG, THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY WERE. Save your money, buy OnePlus, Sony, xiomi or if you want premium go apple. I'm an android user so apple isn't an option.

  4. Looking at other people's review of the brightness, and then looking at yours. Your s22 ultra is either a defect or your doing something wrong

  5. The reason that the battery life on Samsung is bad it is because you need to optimize it by yourself in settings and limit the amount of apps that are running in the background. iPhone is already optimized in the manufacturing process.

  6. This review is really a shit all other reviewers are lier all the world is a lier but this great man is really a man of truth he only speaks truth and we know that truth can be sold to any wealthy man 😊😊😗

  7. So everyone is aware, the battery test that Mr.Whostheboss did was with an EXYNOS chipset, so ofc it won't perform as well. Can an American or Canadian with Snapdragon do this?????

  8. I have iPhone pro max and never again. Nothing wrong love the camera just prefer android over iOS. However, the iPad pro I highly recommend to anyone

  9. I'm looking to switch to iPhone from my Note 10+, and basically it comes down to what is more important to you.
    Screen, design/style, S-pen – S22 Ultra
    Battery life, performance – 13 Pro Max
    Cameras are great on both imo and then it's all about the ecosystem.
    What I don't like about Samsung is that I'm trying to get away from Google which lives on ads. However I am not quite sold on iOS customization. I do have iPhone 11 (work phone) and had iPad 11 Pro (M1) and while they are not bad at all to use (I even had Tab S8+), I find the customization lacking. Not as much as before, but I'd like to be able to customize my launcher as I miss Nova Launcher way too much to just pack my bags and leave Android.
    Also, while Swiftkey exists on iOS, when you try to type passwords it switches to iOS default keyboard. Massively annoying.

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