Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max // TIME TO SWITCH?

This is the S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max. Is it time to switch?
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32 thoughts on “Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max // TIME TO SWITCH?”

  1. samsung specs are fake 5000 batter doesnt even last. i phone less battery but still beats samsung. samsung fake spec on paper noting real

  2. Have used both iphone and Samsung for a few years. I dont own anything else Apple so that Eco system is irrelevant. The phone has to stand on it's own merit against my android. While it's newer than my android my android is the go to for daily stuff. My iphone is a glorified camera because I rarely use it for anything else other than calls.

  3. Nope sticking with my IPhone 13 Pro Max because of display and battery. Camera is good because I’m not a photographer. So the 13 pro max is perfect. Apple is only boring for people because the customization. But honestly the older we get most of us don’t need all those gimmicks. I do wish apple did have faster charging and reverse charging but that’s is. Hearing you say that the S22 feels like a computer already shows that it’s doing to much as a phone. Love your reviews. But it sucks that reviewers always praise Android. Never seen a good review on the iPhone without complaining and comparing it to android.

  4. I am an Apple person I love apple so it’s a no brainer for me I would just get the 13 pro max. But taking a step out of my apple fanboy mindset the s22 ultra definitely does things better then the 13 pro max. The 13 pro max does do things better then the s22 ultra. Tbh I think it’s the same as it was with the 13 pro max vs s21 ultra. It comes down to wether you want iOS or android os.

  5. I'm on the fence, but nobody is commenting on the fingerprint sensor (is it improved over the S21 or just the same) or the battery life.

  6. iphones notches and size % are awful. always been. in other performances S22 Ultra is better. 8Gen1 > A15. its obviously than if you arent an apple fanboy, with IM with "blue" sent msj and facetime S22 Ultra must be the choice. its funny cause many people dont leave iphone only because of ios ecosystem. head to head S22 Ultra is the winner.

  7. This bro is biased towards iPhone big-time and it got a lot of the information about the s22 wrong 45w charging the picture is clearly better on the 2 x AMOLED screen

  8. Just pre ordered the Samsung S22 ultra and ditching my iPhone. Already Tired of it after a year and probably the most dull non exciting phone I ever had!! It’s time to make the switch back and I’m sorry apple

  9. Ok so I have been with android for the last 7 years. My only tie to the "ecosystem" is my Galaxy watch. With that said Im really debating switching to IOS. Just wanted to hear some opinions and if anyone has made the move recently and regretted it or not.

  10. its about plenty of money……..if you have a 13 pro max…so you are very lucky person…because its so expensive………be content what you have…..maybe person enticing other person to buy other smartphone…its ok if you are rich

  11. 13 pro Max crushes s22 and it's much older, wait for 14 pro Max, ahahahah it will just be a declassification in every way, just wait, Apple king 👑

  12. If you want a powerhouse phone with lots of functionality and features, go with the s22 ultra

    If you want a phone that just raises your social status and to look cool, go with iphone

  13. I pre-ordered the Samsung 22 ultra 256GB (for the extra RAM). For 3 years I've got the S8. The battery still is over 60% at the end of a day. I hope the S22 ultra won't disappoint me there the same way after 3 years.

  14. S22 Ultra – why would anyone want a curved screen with distortion/shadows and glare at the edges just doesn't make any sense. unless you don't care about taking pictures and image quality you're looking at (…). simply dumb. not to mention curved screens are way more vulnerable.

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