Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro

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This is the battle we’ve all been waiting for, the best from Google against the best from Apple! Google packed the latest and greatest in the Google Pixel 6 Pro but was it enough to dethrone the Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max? Let’s break it down!

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-iPhone 13 Pro Specs-
Screen: Super Retina XDR Display, 1000 nits and ProMotion (120Hz)
Camera: New camera system, 3x Telephoto camera + f1.5 wide camera + f1.8 ultra-wide camera, macro mode
Processor: A15 Bionic, 6-core CPU, 5-core GPU
Storage: 128GB | 256GB | 512GB | 1TB
Colors: Blue, Silver, Gold, Black
Price: Starting at $999

-Pixel 6 Pro Specs-
Colors: White, Yellow, Black
6.7″ Display, 120Hz, HDR support
Battery: 5003 mAh
Storage: Up to 512GB
Processor: Google Tensor with Titan M2
Rear camera: Triple camera system, ultrawide + wide + telephoto
Front Camera: 11MP
Under-display fingerprint scanner
Price: Starting at $899

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39 thoughts on “Google Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro”

  1. "Jon Rettinger here from Techno buffalo" man what a time to be alive! Your videos have always been the gold standard in my opinion & am so glad you didn't let me down with this video. Have been an iPhone user since the 4 but HAD to get the Pixel 6 when it released because it reminded me of the Nexus 4 that I wanted so bad back in the day & didn't get anyway have been loving my Pixel 6 since. Thanks for all the great content over the years 👍

  2. U have barely tested the full potential of the Pixel camera. Not enough telephoto zoom shots (day time and low light) and indoor and outdoor low light shots. Which is what the camera is all about these days. Everybody already knows that daytime and videos are more or less similar among flagships.
    And then u make a conclusion without doing any of the above!
    How do I trust u and buy this phone?!

  3. Before the iPhone 13 came out I installed ios launcher and showed it to my friend and said see the the iPhone 13 pro and also no notch only a punch and he was so excited until I showed him the back side of the phone 🤭

  4. That video comparison showed the iPhone stabilization is not as good, tons of glare and over exposed video. Give me a break dude. I love iPhone but yeah-no.

  5. Awesome job John! I completely agree with you on this one. They really knocked it out of the park. It's really hard to pick one over the other. Google killed it and it's just makes me more excited for the future of pixels. Now going forward, knowing that the working already on the next tensor with AMD GPU, it's going to be interesting The Android versus iOS battle is about to begin and Google plans on putting their tensorship in all their devices so it's going to get really, really really hard to pick one over the other. But yes, the voice dictation is the most amazing thing in the world. I love this feature. I think every phone needs to have this. Auto dictation on this phone is spectacular and Google continues to set itself apart with unique exclusive features like this

  6. My Pixel 6 Pro is glitchy. Lockscreen doesn't respond by tapping sometimes and I can't figure out why it taps to wake and at times I have to press the power button to activate. Not a big issue if I was a right hand user.

  7. Considered a pixel pro because I could not find a 13 pro anywhere. Got lucky and got the very last iPhone 13 pro at Best Buy, very happy with this phone. 120hz was my most wanted feature. Perfect size, coming from 12 pro max. Couldn’t get use to the size of that phone.

  8. Biggest gripe with my 6 and 6 Pro, slow charging, the fact I can't call support on the phone and have to use chat, and WIFI Calling is hit or miss with my Verizon MVNO, Visible.

    Overall I am very happy. My wife and I both switched from the iPhone Pro Max line and are loving it.

  9. Me and my girlfriend have these exact phones that you have. I have the gold 13 Pro and she has the black 6 Pro. We compare photos constantly and honestly we go back and forth. I think the iPhone does close fine detail better but the Pixel does distance zoom photos better. Sometimes we feel like IOS operates smoother, but then sometimes the Pixel's 120hz feels smoother. It's so damn close. Honestly her only complaint is the battery life really sucks right now. Hopefully they can optimize that Tensor chipset and OS over time because she's barely getting 1 full day and I'm getting 2.5 days. I just hate the size of the Pixel Pro. The regular 6 is a bit better, but still too big for my tastes.

  10. i begrudgingly went back to iOS last year when my pixel 3 broke and wanted to upgrade and nothing had quite the specs of the camera / vid on the iphone. 2 minutes of using the pro 6 and i traded both our iPhones in for the pro 6. google builds the smartest, most intuitive phones imo. people will nit pick about this and that but comes down to preference and as an owner of several businesses the pro 6 feels like an actual tool for productivity, whereas the iphone felt like a brick for children, not to mention how terribly behind iOS is, and has always been. the feel of it is incredible and love the immersive experience of utilizing the entire screen. the camera bar does not get enough love either, no camera bump feels infinitely better. i also have a surface duo, now a 2, as my secondary device and its a perfect setup. don't sleep on the duo, for the people who will use it as its intended, its invaluable.

  11. Pixel for the win for value, in Australia the IPhone 13 Pro costs $1699 while the IPhone 13 costs $1300. The Pixel Pro costs $1300, same as the standard iPhone 13 even though it competes with the iPhone pro.

    Apple needs to be more reasonable with its pricing, $1300 is what I would pay for an IPhone Pro or even $1450 to $1500.

  12. I have the 13 Pro and bought the P6 Pro. Loved the camera on the P6 Pro, hands down the best still camera in the game. Enjoyed shooting with it much more than my 13 Pro.

    Unfortunately making the jump to Android from iOS was just a no go, just too invested in the iOS ecosystem. Ended up returning my P6 Pro but I can say without a doubt the P6 Pro is the best Android phone to date.

  13. I've had both – the fingerprint reader on the Pixel 6 line is awful. A non-starter, unfortunately. Other than that, solid entry from Google. That said, if I can't unlock the phone consistently and quickly, then what's the point?

  14. I have both and still go back to the iPhone, only reason is because of the Apple Watch. Until android can come up with a better option then that’s where my loyalty lies. Also before you say it, yes I’ve used a Galaxy 4 watch on the P6 Pro and it’s just not even close to being as good, if Samsung would open up the watch with all of its health features to other phones and also have google assistant baked in to the phone then it might be a deciding factor. Either way both phones are great, just for the time being the IPhone 13 pro max will be my primary.

  15. Another top review from Jon, bravo on waiting and reviewing after you have fully used the device to give an opinion. But for anyone who’s watched you, it’s what we’ve all come to expect.

    I started my smart phone journey with the original iPhone, and BlackBerry 9700 back in the days with Jon and have watched countless videos over years and it has always helped me make the right choice.

    Always honest, always reliable and always to the point.

  16. I like how people miss the face unlock on the pixel when they literally bullied it out of it 🤣 That said, thanks Jon I've been waiting for this video for soooooo long I'm glad it was everything I hoped it would be

  17. Hello Good work thank you ! … At 6 min you speak about the video … U did really like that iphone video ? With all this camera lens light flares ? This was 2 bad for the eye. Yes colors was better, but we don't know if it was closer to reallity. Also i thing it was more stable.

  18. The pics early in the video clearly go to the iphone. Even though I would never own a iphone. Pixel all the way. Just have to adjust some settings in the camera is all.

  19. Jon says Google looked like it was ready too tap out?
    Pixel 2/XL
    Pixel 3/XL
    Pixel 3a/XL
    Pixel 4/XL
    Pixel 4a
    Pixel 5
    Pixel 5a

    Does not look like it, more non-sense from the tech community

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