GoPro HERO 9 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: Ultra-Wide Camera Test!

Are GoPro’s dead? Do you even need an action camera since ultra-wide cameras are getting better in our smartphones? In this camera test I compare GoPro HERO 9 Black vs iPhone 12 Pro Max in varying tests; daytime photo and video (5K vs 4K), SuperView, stabilization, audio test, photos, low-light nighttime, slow-motion, hyperlapse, and more!

GoPro HERO 9:
iPhone 12 Pro Max: don’t buy 🤣 too expensive
Insta360 ONE X2:
Insta360 ONE R:

📸 Behind the scenes:

Watch my Insta360 ONE X2 In-Depth Review:

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47 thoughts on “GoPro HERO 9 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: Ultra-Wide Camera Test!”

  1. Can you recommend website to get a iPhone 12 pro max cradle/mount to mount on my motorcycle which will allow me to shoot video while I am riding?

  2. Well done video, completely satisfied my curiosity on the subject – thank you. Have had my iPhone 12 mini for a year almost and just discovered today that it can film video with the wide lens. Could have sworn that I tried it before and it wouldn't let me switch to that lens in video mode, so i though it was only for photos, but I was wrong.

  3. You can use the iphone with manual settings in filmic pro, it's great for making short film or something with cinematic look. I don't know if it's possible with go pro….

  4. I need a video camera . Please can you tell me . Which one is better . ( gopro max or gopro 9 or iPhone 12 Pro Max ) ??? Which one is good for video maker? Please

  5. Hi Brother…May I ask? to edit gopro videos with 4k or 5k resolution do you use a Handphone or laptop? And what application do you use? Because I have problem in editing Process with high resolution. Can you help me 🙏🙂

  6. the GoPro 10 is going to look the same as the GP 9…. they are only going to up the rez and rates….. have you shot your iphone vids in log yet… you can make an iphone look just like the footage out of an arri alexa

  7. What my weakness to use GoPro Hero 9 is when I did record in video but it run to take photo frame instead. Sometime, it made me feel disappointed in using GoPro!

  8. Stop at 2:47 or 4:24 or 4:28 or any video with motion in the nature and you'll notice why GoPro a clear winnerfor video recoding especially in sports.

    Lots and I mean … LOTS of detail is lost in iPhone 12 Pro Max and everything is a little bit blurry, when the image from GoPro could have been a photo as well with so much detail. GoPro is clearly a winner if you consider video recording.

  9. Let's be real, the best camera is one that you have on hand. To capture small, everyday moments, most people would just do it with their smartphone, as the GoPro would be either in a packpack, or at home, simply out of reach to capture that quick moment. But for hikes, cinematic footage, or action footage, it's way better to have a separate camera like GoPro, if not for anything else, it will preserve the phone battery 🙂

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