45 thoughts on “How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone”

  1. This is very frustrating. After going through the whole process it says I must buy the software. Please inform your viewers it’s not free. This is a big waste of time.

  2. I have issue when i reach the back up stage, i ady change to nvr update and phone shows back up completed, but the pc shows i only reach 80% and couldnt proceed to the next, pls help

  3. Hi, I would like to ask, after the transfer, my whatsapp looks like messages.. it doesn’t have the images(pfp of the individual chat) anymore.

  4. Why does it keep asking me if i backed up my whatsapp data on soruce phone?
    I have pressed the green make back-up but, the screen on PC keeps popping up.

  5. so i have switched to android and used whatsapp there for a few months, however now i went back to iphone where all my chats from before (many years) now reappeared . Is there any way i can put my latest chats from the few months from android to my now iphone without affecting all the previous content from my apple whatsapp because im scared to lose that

  6. thanks for this review! got three years worth of messages from android to iphone and was an easy and relatively quick process. only downside is search function on whatsapp doesnt seem to extend to the older messages, but i dont mind that.

  7. Do I have to buy the software to be able to transfer the Whats-app Messages? Whenever i connect my 2 devices and click transfer it obligates me to buy the software.

  8. It shows an error on Analyze backup file stage as "No app data is detected on the device. If the app has app data, Please contact us for further help"

    Anyone encountered this issue?
    A help will be much appriciated.

  9. Hi, in the video your Android version is 11. My android 11 unable to connect to Dr.Fone due to the Connector app does not support Android 11. Can you please advise on this? Thanks!

  10. I hate the fact that the app isn't cheap. I was forced to pay for the lifetime access as against the yearly option when my wife moved from Android to iPhone midyear cos who knows, I might as well be a convert soon and wouldn't want to fork out another yearly payment.

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