I switched to iPhone – This is what I found out.

6 months ago I switched from an Android Samsung phone to iPhone – Do I regret it?
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34 thoughts on “I switched to iPhone – This is what I found out.”

  1. Man I’m going from IOS to android just because I want a headphone Jack. That’s the only thing I really care about on a phone is being able to listen to music.

  2. I'm good ill stick with android.. I love my samsung. Although I did try apple once and I just could not get along with it. Sorry but what a horrible phone. If I want to buy a phone and at that price I do not want a phone that was exactly the same as my last one I mean I paying for a new style, new features and new what ever not to have the same model as before, all they done is updated the name of the modle and the size of it

  3. I migrated to my company issued iPhone for minimalism, and hated every second of it. An inferior and humiliating experience through and through. You can only experience the phone as the Phone allows. The whole Apple system is condescending and maddening, like being constantly slapped on the wrist and reminded to stay in line. Biggest (and only) iPhone win – incredible Bluetooth, biggest iPhone fail – Navigator. Not only the satnav is 5-6 seconds behind your position, but you can not separate device language from app UI language from app Voice language. As an English speaking expat in Germany, this made the iPhone completely useless for driving directions.

  4. Apple V Android has been a debate for years. Personally, I have played with iPhones, and I was not impressed by them. to me the iPhone was boring, not a lot there that impressed me at all. I remember a lot of Apple users telling me that "Apple charges for EVERYTHING!" And my answer would always be, "Well, Get yourself a Samsung, we get boatloads of stuff for free!" point being I'm Samsung for life, I wouldn't switch to an Apple anything if the phones were being given away for free.

  5. Oh god these videos are soooo misleading.

    I phones now are sooo inferior now.

    Had a 13 pro max for my birthday two weeks ago and still holding on to my samsung m51 which is $350.

  6. Well I changed from android and windows to the apple ecosystem. I love that I can do my work and not think about the app or some other variant of the app. All my work is synced and ready to use and move forward. I am sad that I waited so long. They work, look and act in a similar fashion and just let me do my work. Sure the camera is isn’t the most bla bla bla. I don’t care. It’s irrelevant. It’s fantastic for everyday photos and if I need some really special photo…. I will just use a real camera like Nikon etc. besides optical zoom is superior to digital zoom. In short, Apple system allows one to be productive without interference by the technology.

  7. Giving iPhone a try for the 1st time in over 10 years. Right off the bat the top 3 things I’m not liking… Gestures (specifically the “back” gesture),Keyboard has no numbers row and main keyboard needs period and comma… The Gestures is the worst tho! I got a max so it’s hard to reach the left side with my thumb and then it doesn’t even work in every app/situation.

  8. I could write now a long answer, with an in depth look to all of your arguments… or I am just breaking it straight away down to the important part: traitor. 😛

  9. I’ll definitely be showing this to my wife (android user) who’s always complaining me about using iPhone.

    I always answer her with one of apple’s lines that they used for iPhone 4 I think,

    “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.”

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