I Used iPhone 12 Pro For 7 Days | Final Review

iPhone 12 Pro Review: SENSELESS Pro!

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This is the iPhone 12 Pro Review in Hindi. In this iPhone 12 Pro Review, I am explaining how iPhone 12 Pro is not value for money. Don’t get me wrong! But in India, the iPhone 12 Pro Price is 1,19,900 rupees for the base variant. If I talk about the iPhone 12 then it offers better value in terms of price and features.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Specifications: Doesn’t matter sirf BOLNE ka PRO hai…!

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37 thoughts on “I Used iPhone 12 Pro For 7 Days | Final Review”

  1. Bhai I appreciate your recommendations I always watch your videos. . I agree Samsung is THE BEST REGARDING FEATURES. BUT if someone is looking for iPhone then s/he may not look for price. Just go with looks n premium experience. 😊 but yes iphone can never replace androids in performance n features.

  2. Bro baat app ki theek ha normally 12 hi best ha bs 3 camera ka shashkaaaa 😘 i mean just bludy show off ka leya max bi both acha ha battery ka leyaaaz sa but aus sa size bra ha

  3. Lidar, Dolby 60 fps, stainless steel, premium feel, 6 GB RAM and above all the higher resale value of the 12 Pro are the reasons that I feel 12 Pro could be justified. But yes, is 35k difference in price justified enough? Sometimes I feel yes, since a Premium Android too costs 35k less than iPhone 12. Yet we pay it to get the premium performance quality.

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