I'm switching to iPhone.

I’m switching to an iPhone after 10 years on Android – Here’s why.
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25 thoughts on “I'm switching to iPhone.”

  1. I Love android cuz i dont know how to Live Without open code apps or simply cool apps tô change and enchace completly my experience with the smartphone Like.. macro droid, blackhole, cerberus, snaptube citra etc..

  2. The problem is not Android. It's either Facebook (WhatsApp or Instagram) or a manufacturer such as Samsung. Try using the latest Sony phones. They've removed Sony apps that were duplicate to Google apps. Samsung could borrow a leaf from Sony's book.

  3. I miss these old Mrwhosetheboss videos without the excessively done, cringey humour that keeps taking you out of the video. His voice in the vids used to be soothing, and still with a few jokes here and there rather than claiming the jokester identity.

  4. just made a discovery.. i put the iphone 8's speaker and the iphone 11's speaker to the test to see which was louder and surprisingly, it was the iphone 8. Good job, apple!! 😀

  5. this is the second video I've watched of him. His accent is way over the top polished. Makes me wonder if he's gay. No issues with that, it's just that to the straight men it's very annoying. "pfeon" lol

  6. Face ID does not work with masks. Maybe I buy an iPhone when the pandemic is over. Big problem with IPhones: repair is more and more impossible with every new generation.

  7. I'm switching because I'm not Google, Samsung, One Plus, Xiaomi and the rest's damn beta tester.
    They can't release stable updates. There's always bugs. And apparently it's OUR job to report them. After spending $999 on a phone, don't treat me like your QC tester.
    Apple doesn't insult their customers like that.

  8. I'm switching to iPhone soon. For me, everything my Samsung (s10e) offered that made it special, no longer exists so the iPhone is just so much better designed and optimized.

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