iPad Mini 2021 Review: Pocketable Power!

iPad mini 2021 is the refresh this form factor deserved.

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Tablet provided by Apple for review.



44 thoughts on “iPad Mini 2021 Review: Pocketable Power!”

  1. Some professions use ipads a lot to run iOS specific software. Like I use Foreflight basically all day and I’m always in really small cockpits so the iPad mini is the only one id ever consider. I’ve seen people with the bigger ipads and they usually just resort to pulling out their iphone.

  2. so true about needing a use case: for me, just want it to be pocketable, even if just barely. This is the only current decent+ tablet available right now, tempting me to even jump over from all-Android.

  3. Mad late but they can put a power button with finger print scanning in the mini but not an iPhone im guessing space?

  4. These are a perfect size to use LeadNav for. Purchase a mount for your vehicle and go offroading with the LeadNav app giving you offroad / baja directions.

  5. For me the battery last like 3 days. I use it for note taking and watching videos and reading in bed. It's nice with a small tablet that you can take with you anywhere

  6. The reason i love the ipad mini is because it’s light weight and small so i can literally hold it on one hand. I do also use the ipad mini to play Minecraft but i dont play it alot, i just use the Ipad mini for general use like talking to ppl on discord or going through Reddit and watching YouTube

  7. I’m getting my mini for quick referencing documents and excel at work and for reading books with night shift. Ebooks are so much better on this size rather than 11” or 12.9”

  8. I just ordered two one for my wife because she got a workout bike, so she can attach the iPad and use the peloton app and I got one for my daughter! I’m excited

  9. The iPad Mini is a fantastic Emergency Management tool, with cellular. Even in a rugged case, it fits neatly in bunker gear pockets, and is able to provide live weather mapping, quickly pull up FEMA info, run WebEOC, have HazMat info at a glance and fill out ICS-214 paperwork on the go, along with EMS charting on the fly. I use it with a a knee board, which is used primarily by pilots.

  10. Looks like a good option for a kid maybe? Not sure if you read these comments, but my child has broken every ipad charging port we have ever had and so we can't charge them. So frustrating. Why do they make them so small and breakable/bendable. Maybe the new usb c ports won't break so easy? Can you comment? I saw a video of someone attaching something to the ipad mini so it will charge wirelessly. If you ever need a review idea that would sure help me out! Thanks from a mom of a rough and tumble boy.

  11. I prefer handheld form factors because I’m often very tired but I want to be productive so I do a lot of work on my phone. iPads support split screen which is a really useful feature, otherwise I’d just use iPhone to do everything. For this reason the iPad mini is attractive to me because it’s small enough to be handheld.

  12. As a singer, I've found that the iPad mini is the perfect size for sheet music as you can pretty easily hold it in one hand. Mine is super outdated though (iPad mini 2), so I'm looking to get the new iPad mini and the Apple Pencil to mark sheet music up with director's notes.

  13. It would be easier to list what these can't be used for! I walk around parks talking to mine, using voice-to-text to write books; I listen to all my podcasts and audiobooks on it; it's my main Kindle device; I do basic iMovie video editing on it. I'm planning on travelling and writing as I go – this does everything I need. The form factor is perfect.

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