iPhone 11 Pro Max – Honest Review after 1 Year of use!

Is the iPhone 11 Pro still worth buying in 2020/2021? Well, it didn’t age as well as I expected..
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47 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max – Honest Review after 1 Year of use!”

  1. Horrible phone within 1 month three coworkers had their IPHONE froze on apple logo. One coworker switch immediately to Samsung phone. The other waiting on contract to end as I. The phone had been freezing and software has become slower. I will not buy any more iPhones and will definitely will go back to Samsung…….

  2. I have one of these. It replaced an XR, which was a horrible phone. This one is also a piece of shit in its own right. It love to change words to something strange when you hit send. Words were NOT spelled incorrectly. Looses data connection once a month too. This will be my last iPhone. In fact, when the lease is up, I’m going to buy it and take great pleasure in blowing it up in my backyard.

  3. Did upgrade from 8 plus to the 12 pro max, but I was always happy with my 8 plus. Don't need to change every year. 12 pro max is stunning. Love the cams!!

  4. Bro what are you doing with your phones, i got 11 pro max after one year of using i got 96% and it happens because i was using it while charging- worst thing to do to a phone, wheather it is iphone or any other, despite all the critics i think you got it wrong, Check Marques video its better

  5. I'm not sure I agree. Sure, every year you'll have better tech, but I have been using my 6s until this year without any problems. The only reason I decided on an upgrade is because CarPlay, Spotify and receiving messages all at once while driving makes the phone performance really choppy. So it's definitely time to upgrade, but my 6s is 6 years old by now. As well, the 11 pro max is way cheaper now than 12 pro max, and thus the value it brings is higher. And in my opinion, having owned the 5, the square design of the 12, while very neat and clean, is cumbersome to hold in hand even for 10 minutes at a time. Unfortunately for me, because in my opinion there is no android wear that matches the Watch, I am stuck in Apple's world. So overall, the 11 pro max was a no brainer now.

  6. To me the biggest improvement was the low light mode. I was impressed with battery also in the phone is super fast. Even now with the iPhone 12 I think it is a better option.

  7. Just got mine in Midnight Green, upgrading from XS Max. The battery life (as a power user) and fast charging alone was worth the upgrade.

    Use the fast charger when you need it and the regular for things like overnight.

  8. i bought second hand one after i broke my XS Max, cannot say its much quicker than the XS Max but the camera is much better

  9. Tbh 11 pro max is a true gem , battery monster , not so bulky display (compared to 12 pro max , Too heavy) , A13 still a beast for next couple of years..

  10. Happy with 11 pro max and I charge it daily 100% and use full day and night then next moring charge it again on 60-65% till 100%… Is it defect the battery health ?
    it is still 100%

  11. Actually i have a brand new xs max 256GB
    I think the next year upgrade for the 11 pro max.
    Is good idea or is better wait more time for the i13 ???

  12. iPhone 11 Pro Max , charging always with fast charge 18w that came in the box .. never charge wireless , never charge over night but I make sure keeping the charge between 20 / 80% .. health 100% … I think that may the best practice .. I believe 😜

  13. My iPhone 11 pro max is 1 year this month also.. I like the battery life because it stays for long and until now the batt life is 97% .. what I noticed on this phone is the freezing moment.. I don’t understand why sometimes while im talking to someone the screen turns full black..so i end up touching everywhere because it’s not working at all lol.. 2nd is the sound.. sometimes when i took a pic the sound effect is like i took so much pic at 1 time..3rd is the screen color.. I don’t know what’s wrong but I don’t really like the screen.. even if i make it full or off the true tone it doesn’t change that much.. my screen image is kinda dark .. And last is this phone is kinda heavy? I don’t know if its my case or the phone itself

  14. i have a iphone 8 and my mom asked if i wanted a iphone 12, i wanted the 11 pro max because of the charger problems with 11 pro max so i'm thankful for this video

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