iPhone 11 Pro Review

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Once upon a time, the iPhone was the best camera you had with you. Now, Apple flat out wants to make it the best camera, period. What they can’t do physically with enormous lenses and sensors, they’re doing computationally with ridiculously optimized silicon and machine learning. And not just by taking the iPhone to 11, but by truly making it pro: The iPhone 11 Pro.

Everything that’s already packed into the 6.1-inch iPhone 11 is here as well, but escalated significantly: 5.8- and 6.5-inch higher-density, higher contrast, higher brightness, and extreme dynamic range OLED displays; a triple imaging system with ultra wide-angle, wide-angle, *and* telephoto cameras; 4×4 MIMO LTE; a full 4 meters of water resistance; up to 512 GB of storage; textured finishes that look more like metal than glass; and battery life that’s boosted by a jaw-dropping 4 and 5 hours respectively.


Written review: https://www.imore.com/iphone-11-pro-review


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45 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Review”

  1. I love iphone 11 and 11 pro front cameras. But to be fair I fuckin hate the back cameras. There’s that blur that bugs me.. it’s a new generation technology so next year I’m sure they’re gonna be better. That’s when I’m gonna empty my bank account to replace my iPhone 6s 😀

  2. Rene. Great review as always. I have written professionally about mobile tech the last 4 years roughly having won a couple national awards and contests. I am not knew to writing though as it had always been part of my professional background for the past 19 to 20 years which was market valuation and analysis. I have been asking Apple to put Touch ID or rather build it into the display from the very beginning of iPhone 10 and it seems they are finally going to do so with iPhone 12 or at least all research is pointing strongly in the direction of. My question is, which I think in part will happen too as you mentioned is the support of the Apple Pencil on the iPhone. Do you think Apple will support the Apple Pencil 1 or 2 for the iPhone 12 if in fact the Apple Pencil is supported? I have longed for the iPhone to support the Apple Pencil because I like to use a stylus to navigate all my devices. Thanks for your time.


  3. Youre attempts at clever analogies is overused and somewhat annoying stops being clever and witty after a couple times you jumped the shark with THE WEST WING REFERENCE

  4. I love your voice, it's very well-spoken and good at articulating the point. Thanks for the content – keep it up! 500k by the end of 2020.

  5. Incredible review Rene, I have a question for you. It seems the glass around the cameras produces, in some cases, an unwanted flare effect. (a video explaining was shared by "Moment" Youtube Channel).
    I'm very curious if the flare is reduced for the black and green color compared to the white and gold. Maybe a less reflective surface would produce different results. I know it's a specific question but I think I might not be the only one interested! 
    Thanks again for sharing! I wish you will hit one million subscribers before Christmas, you are the best out there when it comes to Apple products. 
    You rock! Keep these wonderful content coming!

    P.S: I wish Apple would hire you to make keynotes, you would blow everyone's mind away and people would come back watching a keynote from beginning to end!

  6. Hey Rene, love your vids 🙏🏾. I’m planning to get the iPhone 11 pro Max right. But here’s the thing: with the capabilities of this years iPhone do you think it would be better to go with the 256GB model? Or the 64GB model? I plan to utilize the cameras as much as possible and record in 4K60fps both front and back cameras. I don’t download a ton of apps tbh but I got a handful of them. I don’t play games on my phone either as I know that takes up some space indeed. Do you think the 64GB model would be enough to suffice? Even with the deep fusion file size and 4K60 video recording? Or should I go all out and get the 256GB?

  7. A laugh at myself because I’ve now ordered the 11 Pro Max in Midnight Green, upgrading from iPhone X meaning the X is upgrading my daughter from 6S Plus to iPhone X. She’ll be happy 😆

  8. Rene with the kitchen sink approach to opinion….I love it! While I'm not the biggest iPhone fan, I do have to say, that OD green color has caught my eye in a big way. I'm also happy to see Apple once again focus on delivering a class leading camera experience.

  9. Is this even a review? I was about to go to the apple store this afternoon to see if I need to upgrade. Now I haven't even finished watching your "review" yet, I FEEL EXTREMELY SICK IN MY STOMACH, Rene Apple. You are the one who is capable of describing mediocrity as magnificence, but in an extremely uncomfortable way, flattery , I would say.

  10. It’s funny how everyone complained about apple switching to usbc so early on the 2016 MacBook pros and needing adapters and now all the same people are complaining that the iPhone doesn’t have it. Make up your mind people lol

  11. It’s still not worthy of the “11 Pro” moniker. I have the phone. Bought it same day. I love it. But…no, it’s not worthy of “pro”. Other than battery life and screen size, the original X is still a hell of a competitor to the new “pro” phones. I’ll spend my money every year on the new phone regardless but I think it’s important to have perspective and correct expectations.

  12. I use 3D Touch to play PUBG. It was my shoot button. Now, my thumb has to find a small shoot button on screen. Maybe I’ll try a PS4 controller for PUBG Mobile.

  13. I had, or still have the X, but I purchased the 11 Pro and really debating on returning it and just keeping the X for another year. I’m not a gamer on my phone so I honestly can’t tell a speed difference. And taking pictures side by side with my X, there is a little difference, but not a $1,000 difference. Other than a little difference in picture quality, using the 11 Pro feels identical to using my X.

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