iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2021?

The iPhones 12 lineup has some great phones with the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, but Apple kept the iPhone 11 and lowered its price. After using all of them for a few months, the iPhone I recommend for most people is the iPhone 11. In this video I go over iPhone 11 specs, battery life, cameras and more to show you why I think iPhone 11 is the right option for most people in 2021. #iphone11 #ios13 #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – Price
00:51 – Storage and colors
01:11 – Size comparison
01:36 – Design and build
02:31 – Durability
02:52 – Face ID
03:05 – Display
04:06 – PWM
04:40 – Display Specs
05:13 – 4K HDR YouTube videos
05:47 – Haptic touch
06:04 – Speed
06:42 – Battery
07:12 – Charging
08:22 – Cameras
10:19 – IP Rating
10:49 – Future iOS support
11:14 – Should you buy iPhone 11?
12:38 – Conclusion
12:57 – Outro
13:17 – End

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49 thoughts on “iPhone 11 – The Best iPhone in 2021?”

  1. Getting an iPhone 11 mint green next month and I'm so happy because it was probably the most money ive ever spent on a. Myself in one go and b. On a phone . I'm very proud of myself for waiting though to see all the reviews and not just impulse buying and your review really helped me to make up my mind . So thanks ☺️☺️ ❤️

  2. I guess it depends on how much money you make, and whether or not you finance it through your carrier, but for me $100 off isn't worth it. I'd rather just get the latest 13 pro

  3. I have one 6s since 2016 and i Will upgrade for 11 for sure, i think the 11 still a top cellphone for this days , and of course the most important keep some money

  4. a few days ago I upgraded from the iphone 8 to 11 its fucking good my hands dont feel small the battery is way better legit everything thing is way better

  5. i bought my iphone 11 in october 2019, and it's still holding up well, the only problems is the slight lag in some places with internet and running apps and in wifi to, and some color-print of red,yellow or green when im showing the color white on the screen for a long period of time. otherwise no breaks no dents no deformation. it runs ios 15 very smoothly, the cameras still look brand new, and i would keep this over the 12 and the 13.

  6. Seriously considering getting this phone. Got a 7 at the moment, and unfortunately I can’t trade it in at Apple (you can only trade in 8s and later), but the price is good and I like the spec.

  7. Heck the iPhone 7 is good in 2021, why is it people think they have to update a phone every year because a new model comes out, I mean would you update a television 📺 every year? Lol crazy especially when these phones cost $700-$1200!

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