iPhone 12 and 12 Pro review: It's hip to be square

New iPhone. New form factor. Worth it?
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34 thoughts on “iPhone 12 and 12 Pro review: It's hip to be square”

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  2. Android Authority Reviewing iPhone 12 / Pro is Awesome! i was suprised & happy seeing the title of the video itself! Great, Explained soo well. This guy, presenter here did soo well & i felt he's cute though!😆 Awesome Man!

  3. Now I'm focking confused
    What i really want…
    Feature or Battery
    11 pro max is BEAST in battery segment
    Meanwhile… 12 pro max got amazing feature and A14
    Both are important AF 🔥🔥🔥

  4. You should look into Siri Shortcuts, specifically the ones you can download from RoutineHub. That’s where the bulk of customization is for me, more so than widgets. I was surprised with how much it can do

  5. good review, a respectable attempt to be impartial
    until towards the end.

    at least you didn't go all in on the typical android fan "review" / take:
    there's no innovation
    siri is joke
    apple map is a mess
    things apple copied from android,

    and calling it "walled garden" or "system lock in" kind of have a negative connotation.
    would people rather these systems didn't work well together?

  6. so glad android authority gives any phone a fair chance regardless of operating system, fantastic review,.

    and quick correction at 5:48, i checked and unfortunately it seems like its just a mount and doesn't charge through magsafe whatsoever, which to me basically makes the mount kinda pointless

  7. Phone arena tested iPhone 12 and 12 pro 's battery while gaming and it sucks at 3 hours only comparing iPhone 11's 7 hours. This is because of the A14 bionic and the smaller battery.

  8. Too big but still beautiful. Too bad Apple Appled the heck out of it with their anti-repair stuff and sucking every last penny out of you under the guise of reducing waste. Could be twice as good as it is and I still wouldn't buy from Apple.

  9. Why is everyone still a sucker for upgrading phones….its the same device that came out 10 years ago Ffs. I'm still rocking glaxy s 5 lol. Only idiots pay 4 digits every year for a camera and a watch

  10. After 1 week with the underwhelming Pixel 5. I'm going back to IOS. IOS is just too polished and sophisticated than anything Android has. I like 12 pro but I don't like that huge notch that takes so much screen space. Pixel 5 got it right with that tiny selfie camera.

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