iPhone 12 Long Term Review: Why I didn’t choose 12 Pro?

Here’s my full long term review of the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro after using it as my daily driver for almost 45 days. Find out why I decided to go for the iPhone 12 instead of the iPhone 12 Pro.

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50 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Long Term Review: Why I didn’t choose 12 Pro?”

  1. I do like pratima she is very in-depth in her reviews I've all ways bought my I phones based on her reviews. By the way I live in the uk and im your average white guy 👦

  2. Your presentation skills are great, however the video was supposed to be a long-term review of the iPhone 12, and in the first few minutes all you have done is talk about the iPhone 12 Pro. As I'm not interested in the iPhone 12 Pro, I will log off find another reviewer.

  3. Indian ho ya foreigner….🤔🤔
    Dikh to rhi ho Indian ki trh…. Bt jo English me review de rhi ho thoda stop le lo…🧐🧐

  4. Basically she's telling cuz she could'nt afford the Pro , The pro is in no way better than the 12. That's a very flawed argument.The 'Pro' qualities extent far beyond the mere specable camera quality.I feel sorry for the people who fall into this flawed argument tbh.

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