iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 MagSafe Review – Don't Pick the Wrong Case!

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe accessory review. I review the Magsafe Silicone Case, MagSafe Clear Case and MagSafe Charger! One case is much better then the other. Watch for the full review!

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 MagSafe Review – Don't Pick the Wrong Case!”

  1. Awesome review! Just picked the clear case up today and the salesperson put the case on for me. I kind of regret this as I am now having a hard time removing it. There also seems to already be a small crack in the top left corner. Any suggestions on the easiest way to remove it without further damaging the case?

  2. The clear case is the worst case ever created. Not scratch resistant as advertised. Also very difficult to put on and take off. Does not protect the actual phone

  3. Is anybody having issues with the magsafe charger? My camera app that comes on the phone selfie videos get muffled when it's in the magsafe case only selfie videos though and only on the phones actual camera app any other app works fine wth?

  4. I have a small in car dock which is magnetised and allows my iPhone to stick to the doc. To do this you have to stick a small metal disk to the inside of the phone case. Would I still be able to use this dock with the iPhone 12 case or would sticking the metal disk in the case cause issue with MagSafe ring which is already fixed to the iPhone 12 case?

  5. I just purchased the blue MagSafe silicone case for my graphite 12 Pro Max. Really happy with it and has nice texture that is not too slippery !

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