iPhone 12 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera comparison

You can buy iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 20 here…
iPhone 12 Pro Max: https://bit.ly/3b9JqKn
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: https://bit.ly/3oiMSWO
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The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with sensor shift image stabilization, night portraits, Dolby Vision HDR video recording and a lidar scanner for fast low-light focusing. We’re comparing the biggest iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to see which takes the better landscapes, portraits, selfies, night mode and more.

iPhone 12 Pro vs. Note 20 Ultra camera comparison: https://youtu.be/gWagyFTUYes

iPhone 12 Pro Dolby HDR samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJPwyfVHE5U

Note 20 Ultra 8K samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YYNnUO0N1E

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20 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Max vs. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera comparison”

  1. I know this woman didn't know what she was talking about when she turned the note20 on . First of all the iPhone 12 can't touch the note20 at all. We can take photos of the moons, we can shoot raw with no 3rd part applications, our promo mode allow us to have a dslr in our hand , we have 8k 24 frames and difference audio control. Also tell them how I can't record a video and take a photo at the same time with the iPhone or how u have to stop and record just to get a different view. Also let me not even talk about how lit we are with night mode, we have different options and all of our shots come out clean.

  2. Only thing I Don't like about any apple products is that you have to subscribe to apple only as can't use android on a apple phone, plus never known apple to do a phone with a sd card slot as that's what's put me off for years.
    But no matter if samsung or apple. Nothing lasts forever

  3. Choosing a winner's very difficult, as they're both phones with excellent camera performance, as iPhone is ahead on some aspects while Samsung is ahead on other aspects. So I'd say it's a draw. (Excuse me for any eroding in grammar: I'm not English/American :))).

  4. Iphone fan all you talk whas for the iphone why you dont put the 8k in the note 20 to see a big diference everytime she talk about comparasion allways for the iphone wins

  5. Thanks for the great video. At the time 00:55 of your video, there is a beautiful comparison of "lens flare" issue that you might have missed it. Lens flare shows itself a bright and big green dot on the left photo, while it is much smaller/less bright on the right image. This reveals that Samsung is a winner when it comes to lens flare and light diffraction!

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