iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 20 Ultra / Huawei / Xiaomi / OnePlus Battery Life DRAIN Test.

iPhone 12 Pro Max full battery life test comparison vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, OnePlus 8 Pro!
For the full camera comparison: https://youtu.be/vT6HFpOPE-k
For the iPhone 12 Pro Max Review: https://youtu.be/N8QYY7rvLwo

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42 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Note 20 Ultra / Huawei / Xiaomi / OnePlus Battery Life DRAIN Test.”

  1. Hope you enjoyed this new style of battery test!  👊
    Couple of notes:
    1. The end times here CAN’T be compared with those of other tests on the channel, as each test runs different applications.
    2. No phones had SIM cards in them to keep things fair

  2. Note 20 ultra is still a beast of a phone in yr 2022 even with the S22 ultra released. it's like the note 20 ultra is the non ultra version of the S22 ultra. still an amazing phone.

  3. This just makes me wonder why people are still buying iPhones. Worse battery life, that outdated notch, more software limitations, and they're overpriced. Is it just brand loyalty?

  4. My xiaomi redmi note 8 pro has pretty good battery life. My brother with the 9T has about the same results as the mi 10 ultra. He can not charge it for 2 days and still be 20 percent or above

  5. i just bought a 5000 mAh battery phone but thats just a mid range phone lesser known but known none the less a strong competitor the tecno spark go in mystery white for just below 140$ USD

  6. I have to say after 1 year now! The Note 20 Ultra is still a champ when comes to battery tests! the iphone 13 really did change the game!!! im so glad i didnt get the s21 ultra! the note is still a beast!

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