iPhone 12 Pro Official Magsafe Clear Case Review

Today I’m going to be giving an honest review of the Mag safe clear case on the iPhone 12 pro. When Apple released the iPhone 12 series they also introduced us to their new creation of magnetic charging called Magsafe. Apple have also created mag safe accessories, to work alongside the charger.

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Official Magsafe Clear Case Review”

  1. I ordered a Hekodonk Built in Screen Protector Magnetic Case for iPhone 12/12 Pro 6.1 with Mag-Safe case and my volume buttons don’t work when it’s on

  2. Do not buy!!! Worst case ever. Not scratch resistant. Very difficult to put on and take off. Does not protect the phone. Leaves the bottom edge exposed. Slippery. Waste of money.

  3. I don’t think you actually tested the case. You basically only read the text off Apple’s website, but have not given substantial information about it being real or not. The video quality is pretty impressive, but the content does even get close to it.

  4. My phone doesn't like them Magsafe cases it keeps Muffling my selfie videos (almost no sound) but it only does this with the phones camera app not a downloaded app I don't understand wth is going on?

  5. This review isn’t “honest”. It made me buy the case. Huge disappointment. This video is more like a “product description” now that I watch it again.
    The case is slippery. Very. It made me drop my iPhone twice in 2 days. For contrast, with my previous iPhone, using a mous case, I dropped it twice… in 1.5 years. So it’s not that I’m clumsy, the case seems like it’s made for you to drop it.
    Also , with this apple case, the side buttons are hard to press and it’s really uncomfortable.
    Finally, the bottom part of the case comes off continuously. Being more specific, at the bottom two corners of the phone, which makes it concerning that it “protects” the iPhone in that area.
    In addition, yes, the iPhone detects the case. But nothing else. Very useless feature, not impressive.
    This case is overpriced and overrated. I returned mine and got a refund. It’s not worth it. Don’t waste your money.
    As for this video, I’m sorry, but I had to remove my like and had to dislike. This is not an honest review , it’s a product description video.

  6. Hey, buddy! After using that iPhone 12 Pro Clear Case through more than 3 months, I ask you: does it scratch the stainless steel lateral iPhone or produce any damage on it? I prefer using iPhone naked, even for a product premium priced initiating in US$1.000,00 (same value than a MacBook Air). "Beauty is to show off!". I should buy this. Great unboxing!

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