iPhone 12 Pro – Over 6 Months Later

iPhone 12 Pro has been out for over 6 months now and is one of the best selling iPhones. In this video I go over the iPhone 12 Pro durability, battery life, performance, software, reception, cameras and more. #iPhone #iOS14 #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – Durability
01:49 – Scratches
03:32 – Display
04:15 – PWM
05:10 – Green Tint
05:52 – 4K YouTube Videos
06:42 – Speakers
07:24 – Reception and 5G
09:10 – iOS 14.5.1 and software
10:16 – Battery life
11:14 – Battery health
12:33 – Cameras
14:24 – Should you buy iPhone 12 Pro?
15:33 – Conclusion
15:58 – Outro
16:18 – End

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42 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro – Over 6 Months Later”

  1. Awwh man now im wont be able to buy my favorite iphone12 pro😔 and i dont want the 11 or 13 .WHYY APPLE WHYY😭😭. Anyone that owns the iphone 12 pro congrats,i missed out😪.hopefully their is maybe someone who want to suprise me with the iphone 12 pro🥺

  2. I have scratches like hell man😭. I bought 12 pro and its about 4 months. I’m using case all the time but still i have lot of scratches on it. I’m kind a disappointed. But overall it’s a great performer.

  3. My battery lasts about 24 hours on a single charge, not doing anything extremely intensive, basic calling, browsing texting and video watching. I guess this individual is saying if the screen is kept on constantly the battery is 5 hours? Not sure. But the normal usage life is about 24 hours on a single charge. And I concur that to preserve battery health you wanna wirelessly charge it. Lightning cable zaps the battery health faster.

  4. Just got the 12pro max today. Last iPhone was the 6. Been using android since then and was getting bored with it. I’ve been watching several vids on what the 13 might be and some have said it’s not gonna be a huge upgrade. So went ahead and jumped on the max. Only payin $8 a month on the phone so why not

  5. I still
    Have the iPhone 11 I don t see the need to upgrade maybe iPhone 13 but this phone is superb battery it great screen size is good sweet spot great vid as always 👌

  6. Just ordered the 12 pro my 7 wasn’t holding charge as long as needed for convenience. My favorite was an old LG. Was a pleasure but the IPhone 4 S was a game changer

  7. Buy one get one..is it seriously something in the US? Because, I haven't heard of this even on candies now a days let alone iphones. Hey bro, your videos are great and informative. Just add some background music to them.

  8. 6 months 113 cycle still 100% while I'm in 65 cycle using only genuine 5W iPhone adapter+cable and under average room temp mild usage and i got 99% WTF!!!

  9. I have the 12 pro max and work on a golf course, so my pockets are always filled with dirt, grass and sand. I do use a screen protector but never use a case and there are zero scratches on my phone. So I think these phone are a lot more durable than people believe.

  10. Got my 6s in 2016 after the release of the 7. I’m overall still happy with it but battery and camera quality are now low enough to get me thinking about upgrading. I think I’ll go with the 12 pro, but I’m waiting for this next series to release so I can get a better deal. Your videos have been incredibly helpful in my reaching a decision so thank you so much!

  11. I have a 12 pro max and it's a gorgeous amazing phone, but I'm probably going to get a 12 pro this week. As a phablet user since the OG galaxy note, I NEVER thought I'd say this but the 12pm is just too big for me. I have small hands, one handed use is impossible and it's so heavy & awkward that I drop it a lot 🙁 I played with a 12 pro at the phone store yesterday and it's the perfect combo of features in a size I can manage.

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