iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing Overview & My Initial Impressions

iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing & Overview this latest new iPhone has the new Apple A14 bionic chip based on 5nm process comes with 6.1″ OLED Screen with a ceramic shield glass comes in 128/256/512 storage has Quad rear camera setup and a 12MP front facing camera and comes with 2815 mAh battery.

New iPhone 12 series via Amazon India https://amzn.to/31V7pri

Got this unit via Faizuls Communications https://www.facebook.com/FaizulsComm/

34 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing Overview & My Initial Impressions”

  1. Apple selling I phone without charger, it is as equal as buying a motorbike without fuel tank.
    until unless consumers teach a lesson by not buying such product, they will keep on doing these things.
    Apple might be a great company, but that does not mean that, what ever they do is good.
    how may of youtubers complain that, if any Chinees mobile manufacturer won't provider fast charger, even though phone support fast charging.
    there will be a big cry on social media. but for apple, either people are taking very lightly/ or they think they are most rich persons in the world, they can just throw some extra money and get a charger.
    it is nothing but consumers dual mentality.

  2. Iphone 20 …… Cover is even more slimmer …… Provide u with the board…… Rest u ll hav to purchase …. Including display…… Price….. 5 inr onwards….ex showroom…..

  3. apple is a thief purely, that's why it removes charger which is an essential accessories..other brands plz don't copy this as a trend..cause it's bullshit..!

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