iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Comparison & Review!

Review and comparison of the iPhone 12 Pro vs the iPhone 11 Pro. Should you upgrade? Buy an iPhone 11 Pro if you can find stock or just get the 12 Pro instead? Get your dbrand tempered glass here – https://bit.ly/3kMqpzE

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49 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Comparison & Review!”

  1. Can you please help me ? There is 2 phones for sale now. Iphone 11 pro 256 gb for $945 & IPhone 12 pro 128 gb for $958 ? I can’t decide. I first wanted 11 pro but for a better price but can’t seem to find at a better price. Thank you in advance

  2. Great review! I would definitely choose battery life of 11 pro. Gonna upgrade from XS to it. And it fits better in hand than 12. Don’t have 5G in my area. And LTE is more than enough for me (getting around 200 mbps download speeds).

  3. It’s best to upgrade once in 3 years specially in iOS environment. I own a 11 pro max and would upgrade when iPhone 14 pro max is out in 2023.

  4. Does USD $240 for a 64GB 11pro or $399 for a 246GB 11pro count as a deal? I have a 2+ year old 10s but I think the time has come to retire it. Not sure if I should just try to wait another few months for whatever the next iphone is thought

  5. I was searching for alot videos if upgrading to the 12 pro max would be worth it and you were the only I think has a honest review about 12 pro and 11 pro thanks for this. Sticking with my 11 pro max for a while. Sub and like done.

  6. due to this honest review and great video i hit the subscribe button. I have an android device and considering to get an iphone should i get the 11 pro or de regular 12?

  7. I love the looks of the pro’s, I’m torn between the regular 12 and the 11 pro, getting one of these next year or should I wait for the iPhone 13? What would you guys suggest?

  8. Hi! I need your help. I'm bought 2 months ago ip12pro, and I'm still don't get it. Waiting that long is so tired. It's better to delete my order and go to shop for ip 11 pro max ?

  9. I have the 11 pro 512g and thought the 12 pro was kinda incremental, save for 5G. But 5G is not really built out yet and we are at home using mostly WiFi so 5G would benefit me maybe 5% of the time? I’m using a battery case for the 11pro (I love apples battery cases) and there is not one for the 12pro yet. So I have to live with shorter battery life? Deal breaker.

  10. The 11 Pro was fine. Apple could of kept the design. I have reason to believer they are just doing stuff to please shareholders. I also like Samsung. One thing I like about Samsung as far at the build is their phones run slimmer. The iphone 11 Pro and the Samsung S9 is the same 5.8in. However, the S9 feels slimmer in the hand. Apple tends to measure out, while Samsung tends to measure up. Meaning, Apple measures at 90 degrees or less for the diagonal, while Samsung measures 91 degrees and up for their diagonal measurement. Hard to explain. You have to hold both phones to know what I'm talking about.

  11. hi! i came from a 4 year old iphone 7plus and upgraded to 11pro and that was the best decision i've done in terms of gadget upgrade. first i was contemplating if i wait for the 12pro but i opted to go for the much value for money part that is present in 11pro. the package comes with complete package consists of fast charging wall adaptor, lightning cord and earphone compared to 12pro. thank you for this reaffirmation that my decision was correct. haha good day!

  12. As an Android user, for a long time, I switched to Iphone 11 Pro 2 months ago…I just love the compactness of the phone, the way it can be used with one hand, the grip with any of cover that fits, absolutely great phone.
    Today I got an Iphone 12 Pro 128 gb graphite, and now I have big dilemma.
    I've been looking all day long what to do… should I keep my 11 Pro, and sell the 12 Pro… don't know…I can not keep both.
    The only reason is the size, it would be really nice to add a bit more of a display for the games.
    This video is helpful..thanks.

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