iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S21: don’t make a mistake!

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: https://youtu.be/FKNJqlJ7Yqk
Are you debating on getting an Apple iPhone 12 or a Samsung Galaxy S21? The choice has never been harder! I’ve used both devices for several weeks now, so I can break down the difference and tell you which smartphone is the better buy! Also, let me know in the comments which two phones you’d like to see compared next.

iPhone 12: https://amzn.to/3c0Tsfv
Galaxy S21: https://amzn.to/2OlU4nS

-iPhone 12 Specs-
64GB -256GB
6.1″ Display, 2532×1170, HDR, True Tone, Wide color (P3)
A14 Bionic chip
Dual 12MP camera system: Ultra Wide and Wide
5G Support (sub-6 GHz and mmWave), Dual SIM
MagSafe support
Starting Price: $799

-Galaxy S21 Specs-
6.2″ Display, 2400×1080, 120Hz, HDR10+
Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
Trip camera system: 12MP wide, 64MP telephoto, 12MP ultrawide
Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
4,000 mAh battery, fast charging up to 25W, reverse wireless charging
Starting Price: $799

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38 thoughts on “iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S21: don’t make a mistake!”

  1. I just bought a t-mobile galaxy s21. I've owned LG, iPhone, and several other brands and galaxy is the best in my opinion, I just couldn't own a different phone again. It would be an unservice to me. Galaxy just keeps getting metter. I dont like that you dont get the option of SD cards or headphone jacks. They should make an alternate phone that gives that option. Like they have the option of s21+ and the s21 ultra. Give an option of SD cards and headphone jacks people would be more opt to buy Samsung phones.

  2. I have Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus as my current main driver. I can't give up that SD Card Slot yet. The Ceramic build and the 3.5mm headphone jack is just icing on the cake 🎂
    The Snapdragon 855 is by no means weak and in fact keeps up with the S21 series just fine. Great Cameras, Photography Software and features, great 4K video on front and back Cameras. I can't complain.
    You can get like new certified refurbished S10 Plus for under $350 currently. Make sure it has a new battery, or warranty that covers it or the ability to swap it yourself if you do decide to get one. Definitely consider the Note 10+ or Note 20+ though

  3. Samsung is the number 1 selling smartphone brand in the world for a reason! With 200Billion+ revenue. Samsung sells more handsets but Apple actually makes more money due to their higher cost for popular models. But that's expected since A series of Samsung is the highest selling model not Samsungs Flagship S and Note series.

  4. The cool thing is of you go camping or something similar, the S21 or S21 Ultra on battery saver mode (where you get input like 8 apps) will last at least a few days. Options

  5. For me it's got to be the S21 and that's not just because I prefer Android.
    It's more about the extra versatility of the 3 lens camera and telephoto feature and the general design of the camera module and how it integrates into the phone seamlessly.
    Also the display, don't let the lower res 1080p screen sway your decision, that 120hz refresh rate makes the display and user experience silky smooth and far superior.
    I was initially sceptical about the lower res display on the s21, I came from the s10 which has a much higher res but side by side my concerns were answered, the difference is so minimal there is no significant difference, you would be hard pressed to notice the difference in everyday use.
    I have a recent side by side comparison video s21 v s10 on my channel.
    Secondly about the display, I much prefer the subtle pinhole cutout selfie camera than the huge chunk of gouged out slot missing from the display on the iPhone 12, it just looks clunky!

    Battery capacity is obviously much better on the s21. Maybe the 120hz refresh rate screen negates any advantage here over the iPhone but that can be switched off.

    A lot of the choice is personal preference, for me I prefer the rounded off edges than the flat sides of the iPhone.
    There may not be much difference in performance but that extra RAM in the s21 8gb compared to the 6gb in the iPhone makes me sleep a little easier…..
    A bit like having a v8 engine in my car rather than an inline 6. 😁
    Both fast enough though.

    Negative things for me, no charger, this applies to both, when I sold my s10 obviously my old charger went with it, which technically left me without one, luckily my wife has the s20 with a charger, so I can use that, still a little inconvenient though.

    No micro sd card slot, that was a big issue for me as I like to have the ability to expand my memory. I had 128gb in my s10 and had a further 128gb memory card in it to store all my photos and video, now I'm back to 128gb which feels like a backward step and quite restricted, I'll have to backup more often, another inconvenience.

  6. + newer androids have features like dual screen, mobile charger (you can charge other phones with ur phone)
    And ppl say androids are vulunable to virus but nowdays not so much. Its got a built in vaccine and you wouldnt rlly be in danger unless u actively download stuffs from scammy websites.

  7. Basically you get two samsung phones for an iphone now, the price difference is huge and i have stopped feeding apple now, if you dont buy the outmaxed samsung even without provider, ie the phone bought loose and free, it is a fourth of an iphone at present with a 5g able phone. ( about 250 usd compared while the latest iphone is 1300 usd )

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