iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Review – It's an Easy Choice!

Review of the iPhone 12 compared to the iPhone 11. Should you buy the iPhone 11 or spend the extra money and get the iPhone 12 instead. Hope this iPhone 12 review video helps you decide!

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41 thoughts on “iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 Review – It's an Easy Choice!”

  1. i don’t think that the extra 200 for the 12 makes sense, the 11 is bigger and the battery should last longer since it doesn’t have the oled screen , the difference is not worth the extra 200$ and the camera are basically the same !!!!

  2. Why is everyone ignoring the 5G in 12? I only upgraded because somehow water got I side my 11 and destroyed it (never took it in water and it was waterproofed) it’s a huge difference, no more dropped calls or data dead zones for me…

  3. I have the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 right now. I really want to switch/upgrade to iOS. But I can‘t decide between the iPhone 11 and 12. I actually wanted the 11 but now I’m thinking about buying the 12. Is it worth to upgrade to the 12 ? What should I do?

  4. im considering switching to the iphone 12… (i have the 11 rn) because my phone keeps glitching for some reason, like some really really weird stuff keeps happening, and also the battery health is at like 80%… and i have this phone for almost a year now, i don’t think that’s normal, i’m gonna give it some time, until i definitely made my mind up to switch phones.

  5. Got my iPhone 11 product red 256g last Aug. 30, 2021 but haven't touched it yet as I am busy. Yes it is a new packaging, meaning no adapter so I have to buy it there too. It is already A14 bionic chip not A13. I am a first time user tho.

  6. Just upgraded from the iPhone XR to the iPhone 11 for €249, I wasn’t going to upgrade but with that good price for the iPhone 11 I said why not, there was no features on the iPhone 12 that would justify the extra spend for me, 5G isn’t very well rolled out in Ireland and I really don’t care about the screens, genuinely makes zero difference so I am very happy with my purchase, thank you for this wonderful video 😊

  7. T-Mobile has it for $500 but they have a special now you get it for $300 no trade ins needed just got the iPhone 11 over the weekend I’m really happy with it switch from a note 9 I actually like the screen on this phone one issue I have the Oled screens they tend to burn in the screen over time so I’m happy with my screen.

  8. 1. The bezels didn’t change, the phone just isn’t rounded so it feels smaller with flat sides. 2. The screen difference is barely noticeable, even holding them side by side. 3. The pictures you showed were edited because I’ve taken the exact same pictures with both phones and they look exactly the same. 4. 11 has a bigger and better battery. 5. The chip set doesn’t matter because the apple App Store are limited in processing power so no iPhone will be any faster then even the iPhone 8. 6. The phone sound exactly the same, again I’ve compared them side by side.

    You aren’t being unbiased. The actual choice should be the 11 considering there are no actual real world differences other than the shape of the phones and the newer more expensive one has a smaller battery, while costing $200 more. I’ve met 6 people that have gone from the 12 to the 11 and even the XR because there is no actual difference in the phones. Yes the 12 looks SLIGHTLY better on paper, but because of apples deliberate software limitations, the function EXACTLY the same. If you see this comment, and are curious which one to get, don’t let anyone convince you to get the 12. You will regret it. It’s functionally the exact same phone. But $200 more. Save yourself the headache and just avoid the entire 12 line.

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