iPhone 12 Vs iPhone X In 2021! (Comparison) (Review)

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The iPhone 12 and iPhone X have been out for a little bit of time, so let’s see how they hold up in 2021!

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26 thoughts on “iPhone 12 Vs iPhone X In 2021! (Comparison) (Review)”

  1. I like I phone x because it’s curved, more ppp, better display and sound quality. The real life speed difference is too minor to consider. It has Still a premium camera . So, why I am going to pay Apple? Second, my iPhone X has faster 256 gb storage. Which gives me a better a faster performance which will equalize with iPhone 12 . 256 gb Storage allow me to use long time with comfort.

  2. This helps as I’m upgrading my XR to the iPhone 12 purple . I did see they have the IPhone 12 mini I had no idea. I love small iPhones . Thank you !

  3. iPhone 8 plus still gets new updates much older then iPhone X recently purchased iPhone X 256gb grade a condition didn’t want to get the iPhone 12 Pro max plus iPhone X is unique still waiting for my phone to come but after I get it I will be upgrading its battery to a 3800 mah so it will have battery like the 11 pro max

  4. I have both the x and 12 pro max and @ 10x zoom the x looks a lot better than my my 12 max. My note plus @ 10x zoom looked a lot better than both.

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