iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max Review

Apple’s 2021 iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max iOS 15 smartphones are on an “S” year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a strong list of compelling improvements. Sure, they won’t bend in half like a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Fold 3, and the design is the same as last year (other than new colors and a larger camera array). But the iPhones bring significantly improved cameras with now class-leading night mode, Cinematic Mode videos (fun!), a variable refresh 120Hz OLED display and significantly longer battery life. Standard features include MagSafe fast wireless charging, 5G including mmWave, Wi-Fi 6, Face ID, 1200 nit max brightness displays and 128GB to 1 TB storage. Both the 6.1” Pro and the 6.7” Pro Max share identical cameras with wider aperture lenses, Sensor Shift OIS on the main lens, macro mode, Dolby Vision HDR video recording and more.

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  1. Haven’t been in the market for a phone lately but recently purchased a 13 pro max. I knew I had to come and get Lisa’s thoughts before the purchase as I’ve been watching her videos for years. Even after not watching a Mobile Tech Review video for about 3 years, I was delighted to see Lisa still up and at em. Thank you for always providing great content and reviews, Lisa and team.

  2. Upgrade in from the iPhone 6 S plus. I’m not that impressed it has problems when it switches cameras for focusing and it often does not focus correctly.

    For the money yes the camera lenses have improved but their software and focusing ability is lackluster problematic for the money it’s not worth it until they correct this problem

  3. I wish there was a 13 max. A regular 13 just with a 6.7 inch display like the pro max. I dont mind passing on the 120hz and extra lens but I would love the big screen. Maybe it would eat into the pro max sales i guess

  4. Now that I think of it. I’ve been watching Ms.Lisa from I believe 2007 or 2008. Every phone I have bought I have watched her review on that phone before I bought it. Love the videos suga.

  5. You are the best tech reviewer! I love how detailed you reviews are and I have been following you for years! Could please make a review of the Ghostek atomic slim for the iPhone 13 pro max? Thank you

  6. Nice to see Lisa still going strong.. I’ve seen her videos way back 2010 when i got my very first Samsung Galaxy S which is the GTi9000 with SuperAmoled display. It almost brings back memories when nvidia Tegra chips still existed, qualcomm with super hot shiite chips, HTC w their super lcd displays, etc ..

  7. I have been watching Lisa channel for some years. The difference between Lisa and others is, while others I take it as entertainment, I believe in Lisa content.

  8. I wasn’t going to upgrade from 12 pro but Best Buy trade in deal was insane. -$100 off price and gave me $700 trade in credit. I legit paid $99 to upgrade to iPhone 13 pro, no brainer. I’m so glad I did. The battery life and camera alone is worth it, not to mention the 120hz is butter. It’s bullshit when people say they can’t notice 120hz from 60hz, it’s a massive difference right away.

  9. Since Verizon is giving me $400 for my Pixel 3 I decided to try an iPhone for the first time. I'm going with the 13 Pro 512GB so we'll see how it goes.

    The battery life surely can't be worse than my Pixel 3 LOL.

  10. You are one of the best tech people out there. I really enjoy your detailed analysis and excellent delivery, Just wanted to say thanks. So many questions answered and so many more I hadn;t thought of.

  11. I had the Pro Max with the 11 and 12. I switched to the blue 13 Pro this year… just to change it up 1 year to see how I would like it. I’m kinda still getting used to the lighter weight, and the smaller screen. Other than that, I’m loving it. At least my pockets aren’t as bulky anymore haha

  12. Do you ever discuss Surveillance Capitalism and how we have become the product and how we really do not own our $1000 plus phones? They watch everything we do, searches for, watch where we go and more. Privacy is not a word anymore. GrapheneOS is one but you need a Degoogled phone to set it up Please respond Lisa🙂. Thank you.

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