iPhone 13 Pro Max Honest Review after 1 Week!

I’ve been testing Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro Max for a week now.. so let’s review it from an honest point of view and focus on what matters instead of the specs that you already know!
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In this review, we won’t bore you with specs and tell you everything that’s obvious. We dig deep and reveal unique information that most people don’t talk about, and we do it from an honest perspective.

In this full review, I go through all of the new features and changes that are actually gonna matter in terms of changing your life, and I also talk about some of the differences that my wife noticed with her new iPhone 13 Pro after her first week of use.

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Timestamps ⬇️
iPhone 13 Pro Max Review – 00:00
Life-changing features of last year’s 12 Pro Max – 1:15
13 Pro Max Speaker Quality Improvement – 3:11
New Display & Notch Updates – 4:24
New 120hz ProMotion Feature – 4:54
How ProMotion on 13 Pro Max ACTUALLY Works – 7:06
Why 120hz on S21 Ultra WASTES Battery Life – 8:58
Real-world Battery Life Differences – 9:42
What my Wife likes about her iPhone 13 Pro – 11:00
How Apple Perfected the camera bump with the 13 Pro – 11:42
The new A15 Bionic chip is insanely fast! – 12:42
How the iPhone 13 Pro FIXED Display Dimming – 13:25
In-depth A15 chip Graphics & Gaming test results – 14:59
13 Pro Low Power Mode Gaming Secrets Revealed! – 15:50
Genshin Impact Low Power Mode Gaming Test – 16:48
What my Wife loved about the new 13 Pro camera system – 17:44
Why the 13 Pro has the BEST cameras out of any smartphone – 19:02
What Apple is trying to achieve with Cinematic Mode – 20:07
Other great improvements to the 13 Pro cameras – 20:36
Who should upgrade to the iPhone 13 Pro Max? – 22:59
What if you already own a 12 series iPhone? 23:53

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max Honest Review after 1 Week!”

  1. After being with Samsung for the last 10+ years. I'm finally switching for the iPhone as I'm not happy with the changes and direction Samsung is going with their line. Arrives next week. Can't wait.

  2. I have it ordered and I'm just waiting for it to arrive which will take a month, I'm so impatient so I'm just watching reviews about it xD

  3. iPhone is all wrong from 12.. Apple always invest for innovation but none of them is useful from iPhone11! FaceID dead for 2 years no fingerprint unlock, Cinematic mode is gimmick, magesafe is on9… camera is much worse than most Android flagship, headache for photo transfer in 2022… how stupid to "upgrade" if your iPhone is working normally, except some Android user like to go into a jail by Apple..

  4. I now have a 13 pro max, but when he showed the sound comparison between the 13 p m and the s21 Ultra, I clearly heard the Samsung high frequency sounds were clearer. The 13 pro max actually sounded distorted. I'm waiting for the s22 ultra and switching back to Android because I barely see anything better on this 13 pm when I compare it to my previous Note10+. Oh, and let's not forget that the 13 p m overheats if run hard for 30 mins. I haven't had a Samsung do that since my Note 5 when I'd use it in an Oculus.

  5. How long does it take to fully charge the pro max 13?.
    I currently have huawei mate 20 pro. It takes less than an hour to fully charge. Kinda thinkin to switch to ios

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