iPhone 13 Pro Max “Real Review “

iPhone 13 Pro Max “Real Review “
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37 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max “Real Review “”

  1. I am interested in switching over to IPhone mafia henchman because of facetime with family and my wife but the way floss breaks it down it's not worth going away from Samsung…if only Samsung had an app to facetime with ios

  2. This year the answer is no because it’s basically the same and really I don’t care about the in the top of the food chain when it comes to my iPhones I’ve got the iPhone 12 Pro Max and it still works perfectly well I’m still waiting for the 14th at 14 promax

  3. I'm totally with you 1000%. When unboxing, I was seriously puzzled with no charger and no earphone in the box. No charger? How am I supposed to use a phone without charger. Big disappointment. Apple, Please do not be cheap like that.

  4. I’ve got the 13 pro max when it was brand new and I still don’t have a case on it and it’s fine but I’m waiting for the 14 does anyone know when the 14s going to come out ?

  5. My phone when its on bright looks like has water under the display meaning not just the scroll but the type of lighting similar to shining a bright light threw water its a real natural effect

  6. floss saying nobody will use this iphone 13 pro max more than 3 years lol. me watching this video with my samsung galaxy s7 edge

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