iPhone 13 Pro Max Review In Hindi

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With the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, compared to the relatively more affordable iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, you’re paying for a more premium stainless steel frame, more powerful graphics, better rear cameras plus an additional telephoto camera and LiDAR scanner, and a better screen. Only the Pro models can record ProRes video, ProRAW stills, and portrait stills in Night mode. All models have roughly the same core specifications, IP68 ratings, Ceramic Shield for display protection, and MagSafe wireless charging support. What’s interesting is that the actual headlining new features this year, Cinematic Mode for video recording and Photographic Styles for stills, are common across all four Pro and non-Pro iPhone 13 models. Apple has decided to make the notch on all iPhone 13 models less wide, but also taller. Now the notch is 30% smaller.

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Unboxing
03:13 iPhone 13 Series
03:56 iPhone 13 Pro Max Design
08:10 MagSafe & Fast Charging
09:02 iPhone 13 Pro Max Water Test
09:26 iPhone 13 Pro Max Display
10:36 iPhone 13 120Hz Refresh Rate
12:09 iPhone 13 Pro Max Speakers
12:30 Display Extra
12:57 User Interface
14:58 iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Test
15:47 Sensor Shift Technology
17:09 iPhone 13 Pro Max Macro Lens
18:31 Night Mode In All Camera
18:40 LiDAR Sensor
19:14 New Cinematic Video
19:56 iPhone 13 Pro Max Video Recording
21:39 New Photographic Styles
22:01 Front Camera
22:21 Camera Samples
23:19 Performance
25:39 Battery
26:21 Storage & Colors
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