iPhone 13 Pro Max VS Galaxy S21 Ultra – So UNFAIR!

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The battle for the best smartphone of 2021 is on its way, but this particular rivalry is about as old as comparisons themselves. For a better part of a decade, the quest for the best smartphone has mostly lied on these two lineups. On one corner we have the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple’s larger vision for what Pros want in a phone, and on the other we have the Galaxy S21 Ultra, one of Samsung’s best smartphones if what you value is the iPhone’s selling point.

Yes, notice that this is Apple’s best, but not necessarily against Samsung’s best. Cupertino is still relying on tradition while Samsung is on its second generation of Ultra, and third generation of foldable. I’m not saying that’s an indication of what the winner will be, but I wouldn’t blame you if you consider this face-off to already be kind of unfair. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let’s dive in, sponsored by SUPCASE. Stick around to learn about the best way to protect either of these investments

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30 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Max VS Galaxy S21 Ultra – So UNFAIR!”

  1. You were on point about everything here except of one thing: the battery.
    The battery on the 13 Pro Max gives you 2 more hours of SOT which is significant when considering battery degradation. Even if you're not an extreme power user who needs 10.5 hours of SOT- over the next years, when users' S21s batteries degrade to lets say 6 hours of SOT, the iPhones are gonna degrade to about 8 hours of SOT, which is still very good.

  2. Hey guys, my kids and husband all have iPhones and want me to switch from my older Android solely because they can't facetime with me. I really want to upgrade to the S21 Ultra, and am wondering is there a work-around so that the Samsung can do Facetime with an apple phone??

  3. I just want Samsung's own OS, enough seeing android in that best of all hardware..samsung is only the one with the best hardware with best features to matchup the price

  4. Hmmm, glad to see a review which doesn't give all the points to the iPhone however, the vastly superior processor and SPECTACULAR battery life should've been brought up. (I'm an android user)

  5. I'm switching to iphone for the first time and I'm starting to think I made the wrong decision. I'm coming from a Note 10+ and I feel like the iPhone will be a downgrade. I guess I'll mess with it for a few days before returning it for the s22 Ultra.

  6. I love it when someone tries to make an objective comparison, but falls highly into their subjectivism for and against certain products…in other words, never listen to an anti-Apple persons review.

  7. I have ios in iphone 12 pro max and androind in xiaomi 11T, i use my xiaomi 11T more often than my iphone.. just love the user interface of android its customisability than apple's boring interface.. hahahaha, but im using apple theme in my android though.. hahaha.. its a actually a mixed of both..

  8. S21 ultra 5G the best!

    If apple wanted to brag about camera,
    Why dont they make their DSLR or Digital Camera lineup
    Which the samsung have them since… hope they could have the camera lens n
    System modules pixels hardware software functionalities
    To be part of the best Camera company in the world
    For phone communication and functionality samsung devices havr them all n functions as it was meant, just like the iphone devices
    But the camera functions of mid n high range series of S series n Note series are the best total package phone usage, functionality & latest n best features they could offer

    But for the business n enthusiasts iPhone is part of status symbol n functionality,thats why they use both iphone n samsung devices for their purposes n functionality in their day to day life activities, n corporate world
    Celebrity n News
    Gadget savy
    Social world
    Social media etc…..

    The best of both worlds of gadget tech company giants.

    If one could afford to Buy their both companys devices and use n love their functionalities
    For your desire n purpose in your life…..

  9. I don’t care what phone gives you what. Ask anyone around the world they would want an iPhone. U.S. is a whole different story, I’m talking about countries outside of U.S. In the U.S. you literally get roasted for having an android. My point is, iPhones are most desirable anywhere in the world.

  10. To be honest, I think the Samsung ECO system is actually better. The galaxy buds are just as good if not better than the Airpods and Samsung collaboration with Microsoft makes the phone a lot more usable in almost any office. The iPhone is good if you spend a fortune for all the Apple products, where with Samsung you can use any Windows PC for reasonably good connectivity. I have to mention DEX which is now wireless. Unless you already have Macbook I think overall Samsung is the better option.

  11. I had an Iphone long time ago and what i didn't like is that i can't easily put mp3 music on my ringtone and download the music. Today's interface is same like years before, i dont like that, but… i like how Iphone 13 pro looks, it's amazing phone, feels premium. For years i use Samsung, android is so easy to use but I would like to try again with iOS, maby they fixed some of these problems (i mean it's not a problem but for me is little bit complicated). What I need most is good and fast camera, downloading music, changing mp3 ringtones (without a program on pc) findig good wallapapers on app store, other applications are less important to me. If can someone help me, i'll be greatful.

  12. Reviewer : " the android phone is better than the iphone"
    Android fans : " finally an honest reviewer"
    Oh yeah. Sure
    Well, I prefer 6 years of support. I prefer better app store. I prefer better performance. I prefer more durable glass. I prefer the best video recording cameras and I prefer the malware free environment of ios.I love the great battery life of iphone 13 line up.I love the apple ecosystem and how my iphone , ipad and apple watch interact with each other. And I love how upcoming snapdragon 8 gen1 is significantly slower than apple A15. Btw who got the best mark in dxo for display? Oh yeah.Okay! Oh rightttttt how could I forget!!! Android phones zoom better. Okay that's game changing👍

  13. Eh, phones are just getting obnoxiously expensive, I really don't care who wins here in the comparison because both are good in their own rights but maaaaaaan the amount they charge, it's no more 1 kidney's cost but 2's. I am happy to buy a hyundai of phones rather than a bentley of phones, just putting it out there.

  14. I've bought all generations of the galaxy line up. However, I skipped the 21 because I had other pressing needs… but imma going for the 22 for sure. NB: anyone says the iPhone better is either ignorant or just paid by apple

  15. I used Samsung and use to love it but after going with iPhone 11 Pro Max the x and now the 13 i can’t go back I’m stuck with the echo system from Apple TV headphones watch iPads mac everything works so good together so I can’t go back but also happy with it no problems at all 💯

  16. Samsung anywhere outside the US is a POS phone since they do not give us snap dragon processors, that is why I am will now move to an iPhone once I am done with my s10+. Exynos is not a flagship processor. It's a scam.

  17. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a great phone, I've had the S21U and the 13Pro and I can say that the 13 Pro is far better, the S21U is great, but for a realistic user it is not optimized.
    No one really cares about how good a camera is unless its extremely bad, what people care about is software and ease of access.
    Samsung has not even been trying to optimize their software to be as smooth and lag/ crash-free as Apple's. Additionally, daily use apps (personally) such as Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. are just an AWFUL experience on Android overall, this is why so many people choose Apple to this day.
    Android may be as powerful and bleeding edge spec having as it wants to, but Apple‘s refined, flawless and versatile user experience will always be a more convincing point to the customer.
    I'm talking about the smooth animations, for example: in horizontal games Apple has a smooth animation that just seems flawless, instead Android has this whacky jumping to the next frame 'transition' which just gives off a cheap, 'android' type of feeling.
    Another example are the shapes and limitation to what the user knows.
    By that I mean that Android lets you completely almost 'reprogram' your phone whereas Apple doesn't open up to the user, it keeps some stuff hidden and inaccessible to the user, making it seem mysterious and organized, if you know what I mean.
    There are so many more things Apple just nails as far as the software goes, then also the aesthetic of the iPhone, the 'regular', straight, refined and organized look is just much more trustworthy for the user, it just seems more like they know what they‘re doing, whereas with Android, there are so many options and it just looks messy.

  18. I have used Samsung all my life, but I am switching to Apple mainly because of the second hand value. Apple retains most of its value after 2 years, whereas samsung phones are almost worthless after the same period.

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