iPhone 13 Pro – Over 2 Months Later!

Review and revisit of the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini over 2 months later! My experience so far and why I chose one of them to be my daily driver. Watch for the full review!

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22 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro – Over 2 Months Later!”

  1. I traded my 11 pro for the mini because I thought I wanted a smaller screen. Turns out you’ll miss the bigger screen but you are right I used it less for that reason. I then got a 13 and noticed the slow frame rate instantly even though I’d never used a 120hz display on anything. So I traded that for a 13 pro and absolutely love it. Square edges is still not my favorite design for feel, but holding the phone landscape watching videos is more comfortable.

  2. I have the graphit 13 pro. Its amazing, I dont even charge it overnight when im sleeping, i can charge it some at the end of the day, and in the morning maybe and it will last me for the whole day and then some. I haven't had many chances to use the camera to its fullest extent but have tested it and it is also amazing 10/10

  3. I have the 13 pro max I’m using for about 2 months, now I what to change to 13 pro because of the size, height and color.

    My opinion

    13 pro max , it’s good for the people that have big a hands ente strong 💪 arms because the 13 pro max is too heavy. But de battery it’s really good up ⬆️ to 28 hours on vês 13 pro 22 hours on

  4. I just ordered the 13 pro. I don't see a reason to go with the normal 13 expect you really can't afford it, but in that case all the new iPhones don't make sense and a pixel 6 would be a better option.

  5. A person bought a new iPhone. While running he fell down with his iPhone in his pocket. He heard a loud and clear cracking sound. He immediately said “ I hope it was my bone…"

  6. Recently switched from the huge Samsung Note 20 Ultra, to the I phone Pro 13. I’ll tell you I’ve loved the I phone and it’s perfect screen size. I was tired of the big phone and this 13 hits the sweet spot! The amazing camera and battery life make it a great do it all phone in a compact size.

  7. Don't go for the 13 like Matthew said, you'll lose a lot of nice things….
    Stainless steel frame much nicer and resistant than aluminum, 1000nits brighter screen vs 800, 120Hz vs 60Hz, better 5 core GPU vs 4 core if you like gaming, camera sensors are better in the Pro, not only the telephoto difference for example aperture is better in the Pro etc
    13 PROOOOO is the sweet spot, buy it. Me? Gonna wait for the 14 Pro instead, 8 months of wait only….

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