iPhone 13 Pro Review: Better Than You Think!

iPhone 13 Pro is a big jump in 3 key areas, disguised by the same design!
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Phone provided by Apple for review.



49 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro Review: Better Than You Think!”

  1. 16:36 when you are this far behind anything else, smaller upgrades are a bad thing. The iPhone is not just bad, it is atrocious, up to the point it makes everything around it also a little worse. Normally I wouldn't care, just get another note… except Samsung also decided to release an iPhone this year… not only it is worse then a Note 9, but there are numerous reports of bad battery life and overheating from just running youtube, so if I want to at least run youtube at my 12000 Euro phone, I would need an iPhone. Yes we are that low in the history of smartphones. We sent from "omg they even added that tech to this year flagship" to "Please God don't let my 4 year old phone die because new phones are literally trash"

  2. my XR was getting bad, so i recently upgraded to the 13 pro. the 120Hz and pro motion is really obvious to me! i still use my XR sometimes since i still have stuff on there, and there difference between 60Hz and 120Hz is really noticeable.

  3. Don't trust the hype, the 120hz is a sham. Its a gimmick. Don't trust it and don't buy every year, its a waste of money and a cell phone should Las at least 5 years. Save to money folks. This youtubers make money selling you phones. Save to money.

  4. I am getting the Pro Max….My dilemma is….which color 😂😂😂…..Excellent video. You have a really pleasing tone which kept me listening. Thank you.

  5. I like that apple makes small changes at a time. Imagine making a huge change and losing most of your customers, they know what works, they know most of the products they make are amazing so when you have an amazing product there is not much to change…

  6. I've dicide to take the small one, because always had big phones and I believe it will be more comfortable for holding with one hand and for the jeans pockets.🙌😊🫂

  7. I just received my pro max 13. Before i had the iphone se original version. I do not notice any difference in pictures or video watching. Simply a bigger screen size is the only difference. If that’s not important to you don’t waste your money.

  8. I owed $512 on my iPhone 11 Pro, handed it over to AT&T for $1000, and they gave me the sierra blue 13 pro only owing $509 on the installment. I couldn’t be happier.
    and… I was disappointed that I had to handover my 11 Pro because I like giving away apple products.
    And so my mom gave me $800 cash to go buy another iPhone to gift to my long distance friend. Lol.
    I’ve arranged 5 free cars and 2 full ride college scholarships to friends ex’s strangers. Got YEARS of dog grooming for a 2016 Hyundai Sonata. Lol

  9. Moved from pixel 5 to ip13pm
    I regret the 2k I spent
    It's a good phone…
    However it's got all the issues I left the apple echo system for since iPhone 6
    I thought a lot of it would be fixed/changed by now but nope…

  10. I really don't like the design. The front camera design looks so old fashioned. Also flat sites of the phone makes it feel thick. I prefer designs on modern android phones. Perfect design for me is the Realme GT2 Pro.

  11. Iphone 13 pro max,wow if I can afford I will buy this phone. This is surely the best phone on the market today. I have iphone 11 and I love it how much more this phone. Every year there is an upgrade of Iphones and I love it at least we will surely incourage to buy this new upgrade. Congrats to people who buy this phone – iphone 13 pro max❤️❤️❤️

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