iPhone 13 Pro vs Android: Hardware Deep Dive Comparison [versus Galaxy S21+, OP9 Pro, Pixel 5]

Many are praising Apple’s latest iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, but does it really hold up to scrutiny when compared to comparable Android devices? We tested the processors, took an awesome slow motion capture of the refresh rates in action and compared them, ran streaming video tests to flesh out battery life and how the displays and internet connections effect stamina, put the new Cinematic Mode to the test, compared cameras at a museum photo shoot and put the augmented reality engines to the test. We wore poor Tshaka OUT! But it was all worth it, so sit back, relax, grab some snacks and settle in for this in-depth analysis.

00:00 Intro
1:34 Processor Performance
3:14 Refresh Rate SloMo Video Comparison
4:11 Display Quality – HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision Explained
6:38 30 Minute Streaming Video Battery Drain Test
7:45 The Cameras: A Day At The Museum
20:09 Cinematic Mode explained and demo’d: Calling it “similar to portrait mode,” is like saying a butter knife is similar to a katana.
22:28 The Cameras: Videography, SloMo, Image Stabilization
24:05 AR Processing Compared
22:47 Final Thoughts

Correction: The iPhone 13 Pro slomo was shot at 1080p 120fps. Both the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are capable of shooting at 1080p 240fps as well.

You can check out Tshaka’s awesome wallpaper gallery here: https://goo.gl/photos/w1FuL3dBsFRbBoyg7
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32 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro vs Android: Hardware Deep Dive Comparison [versus Galaxy S21+, OP9 Pro, Pixel 5]”

  1. The S21 Ultra should have been used when comparing against OP9 Pro & iPhone Pro. Pro vs Ultra makes sense when getting into camera including zoom & when getting into display. If you're going to use the S21+ with non "Pro" camera that's not looking at this comparison fairly. Yet you use OP9Pro, wtf. This is Android Central playing favorite to the non – Android. I'm disappointed and done watching this video. Do it fair or don't do it. Please.

  2. Great video, I'm pretty agnostic, I normally carry an iPhone12 Pro max and a Note 20 Ultra in my pocket. (I live/work in 2 countries so need two phones and 3 numbers, 2x personal and 1x work). They're both great phones and I can't get into this quasi religious/playground shit of "my OS is the true OS and your OS is the work of Satan" shit. I don't get excited about my Monitors, I'm not all like "My Sony is better than your BenQ", nor am I "My Adidas Trimm Trabs are better than your Nike Air Force ones", just phones, they don't define you, they're not religions. Hopefully the competition between Android and iOS improves them both. Use them, enjoy them and don't ever get fanatical 🙂

  3. I still don't know what you'd do with all that horsepower on an iPhone. Androids would need power for things like split screen, desktop modes, emulation, etc. And to account for any potential lack of optimization.

    What iPhones need is for iOS to open up, not bigger numbers for bragging rights

  4. I appreciate the inclusion of the SONY but when using VENICE CS you have to colour grade otherwise you must use NA.

    Follow question: why wasn't the 1ii stabilised like the others?

  5. It's wild how little apple let's you customize your home page. And 99 percent of iphone users don't give a shit about any of this. It's a status symbol to impress other 15 year olds.

  6. Remember when reviewers use to say " we like the iphone shot, its the most natural out of all the shots"
    And now….." We like the saturated look of the iphone its more vibrant with great contrast"

  7. HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision are actually very similiar in quality and in many test videos hdr 10+ is slightly brighter. The 12bit support is redundant because none of the displays are capable of 12bit colour. Although Dolby Vision has the advantage of being supported on more platforms.

  8. I have got to say, I am really surprised by the OnePlus 9 Pro's camera performance like it really holds up with the Samsung, iPhone's and Pixel of the tech world. Loving it! Great in-depth review

  9. I’m OS agnostic as well and I feel compelled to once again remind people that benchmarks between iOS and Android are pointless. Even the benchmark makers have admitted as much. As much as I love my iPhone 13 Pro Max I don’t believe it to better or worse than my S21 Ultra. They’re both awesome phones.

  10. 5:17 an absolutely stunning choice of show. I've watched anywhere from 40-50 shows since I've watched Daredevil an no show has yet to be as good. A few have come close though

  11. Buddy you take this channel to next level of quality and detailing tech channel keep pushing limits keep going
    Really appreciate your work hats off to you…. Love form india 👍🏻

  12. really interesting comparison but it would be really helpful if while doing the display comparisons you could also match the content time wise. This would make it easier to spot the differences

  13. 3:36 actually the OnePlus and the S21 look smoother. The scrolling text on the iphone is leaving a noticeable ghosting-effect trail behind

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