iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro | CAMERA SHOOTOUT

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Your boys (dads) are back together and made a classic moment style vlog comparing the new iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro. Complete with Iced lattes (oatmilk now cause we are old) Kickflips, and the Vanagon. SMASH LIKE if you want Niles back.

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44 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro | CAMERA SHOOTOUT”

  1. Do you have a solution for a 77mm Filter to be able to use in iPhone 13Pro? Any product advice for such a situation? Does the Moondog V2A be able to do it in iPhone 13Pro? Can the Moment lens be able to fit the Polar pro litechaser Pro for iPhone 13Pro?

  2. Fun but a bit of a mishmash for me.

    A little criticism:
    1-Try and keep the shots of the same camera on the same side of your comparison.
    2-You talked a bunch about depth of field but you didn’t explain whether you saw/liked a shallow DoF or not. 3-The focus AND metering points MUST be identical in order to get accurate exposure and focus results from BOTH cameras.
    -spend a little more time on the dynamic range of your shots especially when a cloudy sky or bright background lights are present.

    Lastly, love to see that you guys seem to have fun! 😎

  3. Bruh I came for a phone review and ended up enjoy g the vlog too. Just commenting to say this is amazing! Your editing is beautiful and the vibes are ❤️

  4. I love how there isn’t any structure to the video, and you guys are just out there doing your thing, shooting random scenes. The chill vibe was great—it’s a reprieve from all the high-energy videos out here on YouTube. I appreciated the comparisons. The iPhone 13 Pro shots look better to me in almost every single instance, and that isn’t a surprise. Great video, guys!

  5. Well you are bragging about the „not so good“ iPhone 12 Pro camera, meanwhile im completely impressed by my 12 Mini camera, especially the main camera with optical stabilization
    Ofc there were some moments i wished a tele/zoom lens like the Pros got, but hey im just fine with a Canon DSLR when it comes to proper lenses.
    A 50mm F1.4 is still unbeatable… in price, bokeh and paired with for example an Eos 800/850D… well awesome for low light conditions, even better than the pretty awesome iPhone nightmode

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