iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Specs Review

Is it worth BUYING a iPhone 13 Pro or stick or even get an 12 Pro? Today I am going to compare the latest Apple iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 12 Pro to help you decide on what model is best for you based on paper specs in this iPhone 13 Pro vs 12 Pro Specs Review!

So we have just seen the launch of the iPhone 13 models and we have all the release date and price details, but today I want to talk about is it worth chosing a iPhone 13 over a iPhone 12 in this iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone 13 Pro Video.

I must say at this point this is NOT a comparison of a normal iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Mini Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max video. This video is for the top line iPhone 13 Pro vs last years iPhone 12 Pro.

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46 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Specs Review”

  1. I plan to buy the MacBook Air M1, as I don't do any intensive work on my Mac, just watch stuff and write scripts, the air would be better suited for my needs.

  2. Been waiting to buy a new iPad as I have an iPad from 2018, would love to win the pro! Keep up the videos you have a viewer who enjoys in the DC area

  3. This review is ver HELPFUL. I was planning to buy a new phone. Like my XR is in need of upgrade. Also, this might be my Christmas and 30th Birthday gift for myself. Just waiting for the pre-order and release here in Philippines and hoping that I got what I wanted. I know this will be worth it and I deserve this for all the hardwork throughout the previous years up until now 🥰

  4. Hi Matt, love your videos! I’ve been waiting patiently for the M series MBP for use in my engineering projects, the thrill of wait will be worth it but the release date just keeps delaying and it’s killing me!!! But you know what they say, patience is a virtue hehehe. I’m currently just SHARING the 2011 MBP with my sister which is becoming difficult because of some of our conflicting schedules, so I have to use my phone instead😓 The new iPad and Apple Pencil will undoubtedly be an indispensable tool. Seeing how efficiently the iPad performs as my professor uses it to teach further solidify my decision to purchase said product

  5. I'm planning to get an iPad pro to help me take a note easily and i wish for macbook pro as well. Congratulations for your 260k Matt! I hope you happy and enjoy ur work too!

  6. I'm planning to get an iPad pro cuz I'm gonna attend to university next year.It's gonna help me a lot with my lecture, note or working. And I hope all u guys reading this have a good luck and enjoy your day!

  7. Hi im from Malaysia and gonna be pursuing my education in degree level which i chose data engineering as my preferred course ( i really love doin coding since i was 16 and at the age of 17 i have succeeded progamming a website using html..that was the best achievement i've ever made) As a student, having an ipad will bring more convenience to me as during this global pandemic there are more online classes than face to face classes plus sadly when our government had announced students may have their physical classes starting from 15 October, my university decided to stay on doing virtual classes. I just graduated my A-level which i needed to get through my A-level with fully online classes and examination. From there i have learnt that purchasing an ipad means a lot to students as my friends who have their own ipad dont have any issue at making notes, completing the assignments given and submitting them..like for me, ive got to print it out and doing it by handwriting and sometimes i also forgot where have i put my notes 😂 so it's definitely easier when you have an ipad where you can keep your notes while doing assignments or even revising the notes. I have persuaded my mom to get me a ipad air as it is more reasonable but obviously having an ipad pro has always been everybody's dream. I hope my mom can consider the explanations i given to her abt the advantages of having ipad. Furthermore while waiting for my degree class gets started, i have been hardworking to get some money in my pocket as i really wish to buy iphone 13 pro max as it looks cool plus the new features are all unexplainable…i love to shoot videos and capture pictures wherever i go..im so excited to try out the cinematic mode which definitely brings better quality to my video contents. Happily my mom aslo promised to pay half of the iphone 13's pro max price as a reward for my excellent A-Level result..i wish i could really have the ipad pro as it really makes my degree go easier 😋

  8. Thank you for all the information, I am still using the iPhone 8 so I am going to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro I feel like that’s a big upgrade from what I am currently using.

  9. Moritz Wizany
    vor 1 Sekunde
    I definitely want to get the new MacBook Pro!!
    Your videos helped me so much to decide
    Thanks for that!!
    Also very thankful for your consistency
    As I am a very impatient person i am very happy to get more infos nearly every day

  10. Dear Matt, thank you for yet another great video on specs of the iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro, which totally plays into my interests of innovation and how to market these innovations. I'm planning on buying a iPhone 13 Pro, since my current phone is getting pretty slow and running out of storage. I'd also love to win the M1 iPad Pro, which would be great for taking notes at my MSc in Management of Innovation next year!

  11. Congratulations Matt for another achievement! You deserve it. You’re very generous. I’m planning to get the new iphone this year. I waited four years to get a new phone. I’m so excited for the new features of the iphone 13! I hope I’ll get this new ipad. I will give it to my brother who’s starting university soon. Thank you!

  12. I wish I could win the giveaway as Im still just a student. The M1 Macbook Air is still pretty expensive for me but I really need it for my online classes this year, so I might be buying it..

  13. I am a student, and I am running my 15 inch macbook pro from 2016. I really think the M1 ipad pro will be a great help for my studies. I am planning on updating my macbook by the end of the year if possible, but the M1 ipad pro will be more than enough for me 🙏🏼

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