iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!

iPhone 13 improves the 3 most important parts of a smartphone.
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48 thoughts on “iPhone 13 Review: Lowkey Great!”

  1. Now with the widgets, iPhones are beginning to get some of the flexibility that makes Android interesting. I always said that Apple would overtake Android before Android would overtake Apple and now it's happening.

  2. he had to say that opening message cus fandroids keep saying that shit, is stupid asf, "lul new iPhone same as last lul" yeah cept llike no one upgrades every year.

  3. I got an iphone and all but the boner this guy has for everything apple is concerning the 13 itself is not a impressive phone when stacking it up to the 12 or even the 11 for that matter, The 13 Pro Max however is a different story and is actually worth it. Is it the best phone on the market no but it has the ios eco system which is good for those who are used to it

  4. That thing about not upgrading every year got me thinking about how every single iPhone launch people go “it’s not a very big upgrade” when, let’s be real, apple likely won’t do many “big upgrades” for a good while. Apple clearly knows that people aren’t going to upgrade every year so why spend all that money adding a big new feature.

  5. got an iphone 13 for christmas which was a heavy upgrade from a 4 year old iphone x with water in the camera and a terrible battery. All i have to say is so far i love it and i think apple finally delivered what the people wanted out of an iphone this year.

  6. the ending part of this video is so cringe 😬 lmao you’re gonna look back at this video 3 to 4 years later and be like uhh yeah just like the google rewind! 🤪😅🤣🤣

  7. Very true, I just upgraded to the 13 from the 6s and let me just say I’m glad I waited this long to get a new phone. This is what I wanted out of a phone, a faster phone, camera, and something I don’t have to worry about, “did I plug in my phone in the morning?!”

  8. I just got this phone today for my 16 birthday from my dad. I’ve been using a 7 for the longest time so this is a dramatic upgrade from that, it is weird using this phone vs my other one. It’s almost like an Samsung with the gestures and stuff back when I had a s8 galaxy phone.

    Before this tho, my phone would always have to be on a charger since IOS 15 where basically my phones battery kind of keked itself and the battery life kept getting worse. So I used the old Samsung I had as a MP3 player sort of since I could use it entirely for music since it didn’t have a data plan or anything.
    This also leads me to my next thing I love about this phone, the storage is amazing, 128Gbs for standard version!! With my old phone I only had 32 gigs which was mostly taken up by my music of which I had 7 gigs of. Again, I had to use my old Samsung as a MP3 player so that I didn’t have to worry about storage too much. With this I can download as much music because of the extra hundred gigs yet I still have a crap ton of storage. Now I don’t have to carry around a extra phone with me, now I can use this phone for everything I need in a phone.

    The camera is amazing, it’s almost effortless to take amazing pictures with this. With my old one, I had to line up a shot perfectly, take it, go into editor and spend like ten minutes trying to make a decent looking picture. Now I can just line up a shot with portrait mode or just a photo and make an amazing picture

    Overall 10/10 phone so far

    Little update, my mom and sister who have their own plan got jealous today and went in and traded their phones for a 13. But they didn’t have to pay that much since they could just trade in their old phones and get the 13s for heavily discounted price or free even since I think that’s what happen with my mom and sis.

  9. The only difference with the brand new cars and brand new iPhone is that the car isn’t produced to be worse when the new one comes out

  10. I hope they update cinematic mode in iOS 16 for the iPhone 13 as well instead of only improving it in the 14. It’s entirely software based an I’m sure the 13’s fantastic chipset could handle an update to cinematic mode.

  11. I had the XR and just bought the new 13, i think it worth the upgrade…
    New set of cameras, larger battery, new design, perfect…

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