iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini or iPhone 13 Pro Max?
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24 thoughts on “iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro”

  1. Hi I’ve got a question, in 3:50 you mentioned that you need to have the 256 Gb Pro version to get Pro res. Did you meant it because of the file sizes that would get pretty clumped up on the 128? Or did you actually said it cuz of physical differences between de 128 and 256 models, meaning that you can’t, even if u want, shoot in pro res on the 128 gb version?

  2. I got a regular 13, midnight with 128. I switched from a 6s and it is such a big difference and I’m so glad I did. Honestly I love the color so much and I’m surprised and disappointed you can’t get a pro in this color. I don’t really care about the refresh rate and the cameras are beautiful. I know the pros would be better but the normal 13s are good enough and much better than the 6s. Also, portrait mode has changed my life.

  3. I got the iphone 13 in pink last year and I like it but I really regretted not getting the pro max since I’ve never had one. SOOOO I upgraded to the 13 pro max from the 13

  4. I am going to upgrade to the regular non pro iPhone 13. The pro features on the camera don't matter to me, and neither does pro motion. I have 120 Hz on my galaxy s20 right now, and while it is nice and noticeable, I always just disable it because it saves a ton of battery. I'd do the same with pro motion.

  5. i just got the 13 pro today and oh my god the 120 hz could never made me go back to 60 hz i noticed it the second i touched it in the store. it's actually quite a decent size and not much smaller than my xr and i absolutely love this thing

  6. I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max and I have been loving it! The big screen, the 120 Hz is really insane and I love proRes and proRaw on it, it’s just crazy fun to use!

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