iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini or iPhone 13 Pro Max?
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40 thoughts on “iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro”

  1. I went on the regular 13 with air pods pro, music were more important than refresh rate on that moment, but to be honest, I kinda of regret because I miss the 120 hertz from my s20

  2. Went from S9+ to 13 regular with 256. Battery life is insane !!! 12 hours of hard screen on time a day without needing charge ! Also with the quick charging you can get 50% in like 20 minutes

  3. Looking at all of these makes me jealous, I love your videos! I have an iphone 8 and wanted an upgrade so much 😔 iPhone 13 pro max would be amazing ❤️

  4. The only problem is that I live in India we have to pay 22.5% import tax and GOVERMENT SERVICE TAX(GST) which is 18% which makes it wayyy to expensive🤦

  5. 12 pro max 512GB currently, not that i needed to upgrade, but if i ever needed, i would choose 13 pro max with 512GB( since i have 2T icloud) and only used not more than 250GB on current phone there is no need for the crazy 1T hahahha

  6. I don't choose either I'm a Android user I just like keeping up with Tech but does anyone else hate it when he slides the Phone's on the table? Especially when they are faced Screen down? I know most Phone's have Gorilla Glass on them now day's that is hard to scratch or at least supposed to be hard to scratch but still I hate to look at that it's not something I would do with my Phone's I'm just one that always takes care of my Tech especially Phone's I always buy a Case before I take a New Phone anywhere.

  7. Watching this on the regular iPhone 13 blue. Upgraded from the X that I had for 3.5 years and I love the 13. I didn’t need the extra features on the pro. The 13 is a premium device.

  8. I do think it’s a bit overpriced even though i still went for the 13 Pro 1 TB cause i wanted the best option, but i still think a phone shouldn’t cost similarly to a lap top, but we’ve been there for a while

  9. So I upgraded from an Samsung s10 and before that an iPhone SE to a iPhone 13 the two camera one and honestly is alright for me because I’m not a big person on camera but it’s worth it for the price I saved a good amount of money and I’m loving the cheap but good upgrade so if your upgrading from older phones I think saving that money is worth it but I do believe that iPhone 13 pro MAX is worth it but I was being greedy and trying to save money and I don’t regret it

  10. My wife just order the IPhone 13 Pro Max for me. Goodbye Samsung Note 10, hello Apple. I've enjoyed Android since 2010 but it is not consistently compatible with electronics I interact with daily. I am not knocking Android, Apple connects and interacts on a more mainstream level for me.

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