iPhone 14 – MAJOR Leak confirms THIS?

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iPhone 14 – Latest Leaks & Rumors covering some unique features coming to the iPhone 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max!

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45 thoughts on “iPhone 14 – MAJOR Leak confirms THIS?”

  1. The iPhone 14 is getting more and more exciting, day by day! Can't wait for the release! What are you guys looking forward to, the most?

  2. How can people get excited about a feature that's been out for years? If anything, be frustrated that Apple moves at a snails pace and then pats themselves on the back for copying competition.

  3. Never understood why ppl would want such boring phone,so I bought it. It’s even worse than I fought and depressing… can’t wait to get rid of it and buy a phone for adults

  4. I can’t believe 6GB ram is the “news” for the 2022 Pro or whatever they call their best phones.
    Like someone said below, Apple is ages behind in fundamental specs.
    It is not all about taking consumers big money each year. Give real improvements and not cosmetic mocks.
    No fingerprints reader ever again?

  5. 12 pro max sucked and most expensive 13 sitting on night stand flashed green and started smoking and caught fire. Took right back and said having issue with this phone. No wasn’t charging

  6. I am from India and Iphones in India are not just phones but kind of a luxury for middle class people. Never had an Iphone before thinking of buying the 14 pro max. First time switching from android to IOS, don't know if the most expensive phone of this year will be the best choice for me to start with.

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