iPhone 7 Plus Review

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus reviewed by Lewis Leong.

Since the 2007 launch of the original device, perhaps no other year has typified the phrase, “Another year, another iPhone” as much as 2016. Except for Apple’s controversial removal of the headphone jack, the iPhone 7 is almost exactly as expected. It’s an excellent phone, but this year sees only incremental improvements and no surprises to turn heads when you’re seen holding it.

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24 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Review”

  1. I have an iPhone 7 Plus, and I absolutely love it! I’m aware there isn’t any headphone jack, but there are $10 Bluetooth headphones. The camera is great too!

  2. Can anyone tell me should I buy the 6s or 7? I'm shopping on Black Friday and I don't know should I spend the extra 150$ on the upgrade? Is it worth it? I have the 5c right now (8gb, fml)

  3. There is never a good time to remove that which we all are use to. people will always complain about something, Bluetooth audio doesn't sound the same as corded and what not, even idiots watch a video that tells them to drill a whole to get the jack back and they do it thinking this will work, if you want a headphone jack on your Cellphone, then don't the the iPhone7 nor the 7+, get the 6s or 6s+ or if you want android get the s7 or s7edge or the Note7 if you have fire insurance in your home.

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