iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus review

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus review”

  1. I'm getting the 8 Plus, I've played with the X and don't like the horrible aspect ratio and width and using a 6s Plus currently I love its size and the X for me is a downgrade and I still love the classic iPhone design with the 6 series being my favourite design and I don't really need all the features of the iPhone X, the Animojis and portrait mode and while I like the new design of the X, the new gestures are horrendous and are not as intuitive as on the tradditional iPhones sp the 8 Plus is the perfect phone for me plus the cheaper price definately helps. Yeah I've tried Android but don't like it as much as iPhone and find it more difficult than iOS and lack of updates and the overall poor update systwem of Android is just 1 of a number of reasons why I'll remain with Apple no matter what. I have nothing personal against Android but it isn't for me and I'd only have an Android as a secondary device for ShowBox. I've had iPhones for 4 years with the last 2 yrs jumping between the 2 platforms but i've always gone back to iPhone why? because iPhone is where I'm most happier and the emotional attachment to Apple is something that is't replicated on Android which feels cold to me and too complicated with its custoimisations which I struggled to understand or made use of which I never bothered with the latter and made me realise that not only am I much happier using an iPhone, iPhone and iOS meets my needs more than Android or any other platform and Apple plus the emotional attachment means I'll never leave and intend to go all in the Apple ecosystem which has no equal with everything so seemless having owned an iPad before and I intend to own one again. Apple for life for me . Great review and take no noticie of the Android fanboy comments.

  2. i think this phone is for people who've had the 6 or downwards OR are stuck with 16GB of storage (like me) and for people who don't want to pay $1000 for a phone and would rather stick to something with a home button/more familiar

  3. News flash, not every iPhone user wants or even likes the iPhone "X". I much prefer the look of this iPhone 8 over the X any day. I have been with iPhone for years because I enjoy bezel and home button. This iPhone 8 is a beautiful update with Apples latest and greatest technology. I sure hope Apple will keep this design in its lineup years to come.

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