iPhone SE 2020 Long Term Review!

Here’s our full review of the iPhone SE 2020 after using the phone for 3 months now. We have compared the iPhone SE with the Oneplus Nord too.

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The iPhone SE 2020 comes with the same chasis as the iPhone 8. Hence, the design is almost similar. Here you get a 4.7-inch display with a thick bezels around it and a touch ID on the bottom.

The design is quite premium though, with metal frames and glass back. In terms of performance, the iPhone SE2 comes with the latest Apple A13 bionic chipset which is paired with 3GB of RAM. For cameras, you get a single 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front camera. The battery is little small at 1821mAh.

Should you buy the iPhone SE2 in regions like India/Nepal/Bangladesh, given its exorbitant price here? Find out about it in our full detailed long term review here.

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40 thoughts on “iPhone SE 2020 Long Term Review!”

  1. Don’t know why I got this on recommendation

    But after watching the entire video
    I’ll say

    Major drawback that don’t let you buy this phone is the battery and small display in this price segment.

    But it’s A Mix pack of
    Design : of iPhone 8
    Camera : of iPhone XR
    Chipset : of iPhone 11

    But still conclusion ends on its smaller battery and small display which doesn’t match according to today’s standard.

  2. Hey bro, S20 plus 5g exynos 12/128 vs iphone 11 128gb price Almost same in my country so which one better to buy? I'm not gamer only
    Media consumption like movie download,web browsing,chatting,YouTube play

  3. Good to see someone talk about the price tag regionally. 90% Of reviewers be like "yOu cAn GeT iT foR 399$!!!1i1" when making a video for an intenational audience.

    Great review!

  4. I thought to buy iPhone SE only now concern is battery.. its should be at least 2500 mAh.. instead of this one we can put some extra money and buy iPhone XR.. we don't feel that much difference between A12 and A13

  5. the reason i bought the SE 2020 was the touch id ! and SE is not the phone for most of us but it is a perfect phone for my parents, it may be the best for your parents too, even grand parents … because touch id is very easy to use !

  6. Please don't buy iPhone se2020 I am using since 4months there are lots of problem listed below you will face..

    1.Battery drain super fast…every 1hour u need to charge
    2.wifi always disconnecting automatically, 10metere distance you will not reach wifi connectivity mostly…..and many times I reset wifi setting still cannot fix the issue
    3.video and audio call always chopping , if you have full strength of coverage only good clearity
    4.Some keyboard features newly added in se2020 but I used that before 2years in oppo A37f
    5.Dont belive this youtuber video, They marketing about phone and using device only for making video… This is my experience……Pls go for another Device

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