iPhone SE 2020 vs Samsung Galaxy A71 | Camera comparison and SpeedTest

iPhone SE vs Samsung Galaxy A71 Speed Test, Display, Camera
Watch this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiZCPzwtMoA
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31 thoughts on “iPhone SE 2020 vs Samsung Galaxy A71 | Camera comparison and SpeedTest”

  1. I have both phone Samsung A71 n iPhone SE 2020 its really awesome n happy to have it but the sadness is iPhone SE 2020 can't put live or 3Dwallpaper

  2. Depends on what you looking for if you want Bigger Screen go for A71 if you want Powerfull Chip go for SE 2020 and Software Support will be 5 Years and Camera is Best in SE 2020

  3. oh. the review for A51 in my place can't be lower while I saw a lot of youtube said nice things about it. Mostly about the weak chip, cant play games on it

  4. Wow A71 better color and dynamic range in photos, better screen, better battery, same speed in openning most apps..
    SE better video, better build quality, bad screen, bad battery..

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