iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Camera Comparison!

Full camera comparison of the new 2020 Apple iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR. Camera Test includes night mode, 4K video, Portrait mode, slow motion and more! Subscribe for more content (IT’S FREE) : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE

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42 thoughts on “iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Camera Comparison!”

  1. Before I switched to an iPhone SE, I had an android that I could take 10 photos of the exact same place, same time etc… and be completely different… That's what I like about iPhones, they have reliable photo quality.

  2. If there is a comparison of iPhone SE vs XR

    Two reasons to choose the iPhone XR over the new iPhone SE would be its larger 6.1-inch display and its modern design with slim bezels, a notch, and Face ID. The new iPhone SE could quite possibly end up being the last iPhone that Apple sells with a home button, so those who choose the new iPhone SE will be settling for an older design.

    Battery Life

    As a physically larger device, the iPhone XR has longer battery life than the new iPhone SE.

    Apple says the new iPhone SE can last up to 13 hours for non-streaming video playback and up to 40 hours for audio playback, which is about the same as the iPhone 8. By comparison, Apple says the iPhone XR lasts up to 16 hours for non-streamed video playback and up to 65 hours for audio playback.

    If you are upgrading from an older device like an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, you will already be familiar with the home button experience on the new iPhone SE which in my opinion doesn’t makes sense to upgrade if you’re seeking for a new experience in an iPhone.

    But it still remains a decision for people whether they like a smaller phone or wanna upgrade from smaller to bigger phone.

  3. I just got the iPhone se 2 and I love it it works great does what I need it to do takes good looking photos and videos, not everyone can afford these thousand dollar phones

  4. Main pros of the SE(2020) are powerful chipset and fingerprint reader – works like a charm with a mask. But the BIGGG con is poor battery. Within a year it will give you a iphone 7 feel. Esp during long calls or 2nd half of the day when the phone quickly goes to 5% charge. Would have loved it if Apple installed at least a 2000 mah battery.

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