iPhone XS Face ID vs Samsung Note 9 Intelligent Scan.

Testing the 2018 iPhone Xs / iPhone XS Max Face ID / Face Scanner against Intelligent Scan on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9! GIVEAWAY DETAILS:
1x iPhone XS Max
2x iPhone XS
3x Upcoming Honor Smartphone

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42 thoughts on “iPhone XS Face ID vs Samsung Note 9 Intelligent Scan.”

  1. I think the iPhone 10 angle unlock is bad security and with the sun glasses on, but other than that it seems like the iPhone 10 is better, Idk if one is more secure to the other.

  2. My BF had a Sony Experia L1 a couple years ago
    And I was curious, so I turned face unlock on, registered his face, took a selfie of him, and when I showed it to the phone, that unlocked it lmfao
    I got him an iPhone 11 now so I won't even bother trying that with haha

  3. 1 huge flaw to android face scanning. Show a picture of the face set up on the device with fast scan and your in no problem

  4. 5:55 I know this video is old but it would be way faster if you didn’t wait for the lock to do it’s animation before swiping when I open my phone I immediately swipe up

  5. Nice Video That is why I love apple phones…Apple gives fewer features than other phones in the market but whatever Apple gives, they give it after sufficient testing and perfection 😉 – I prefer quality over quantity 🙂

  6. The iPhone seems to be better at face unlock than Samsung. At least Samsung fixed their tech so that it can't be spoofed by a photo, that was a concern of mine not that long ago.

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