OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro | The TRUTH After The Hype!

OnePlus 8 pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Review! | The TRUTH After The Hype! My official Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Oneplus 8 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max unboxing videos have been and gone. This is my full review after the hype and buzz, weeks and months after their releases respectively! Camera, battery and speed comparisons test were carried out and all info including specs / specifications like the 120hz refresh rate display are covered in this video!

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46 thoughts on “OnePlus 8 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro | The TRUTH After The Hype!”

  1. that apple processor is not last year , They are the same generation chipsets
    As apple brings it in October its brings its chipsets very early, in the same year December the next Snapdragon processor comes out
    Ig u get it now

  2. I'm watching this on my one plus 5t.. Still blazing fast and great screen quality FHD Super Amoled display running Android 11.. So you can imagine.. After nearly 4 years they still are regularly updated and awesome quality…ONE PLUS FOR LIFE

  3. Im sold on the 1 plus 8 pro i don't use the camera alot anyway. I really do like the 1 plus 8 pro, but im going to wait and see if theres a 9 pro . I think that 1 plus will iron out the camera. They seem to listen to the reviews where Samsung and Apple go off and do whatever they want.

  4. Thank you! Definitely sold on oneplus!!! Always had the Samsung series but always shredded them so was looking into iPhone or other and I love the oneplus, all that I am looking for 😍 thank you again was very helpful!

  5. I am thoroughly surprised at the quality of the mic on the one plus! I'm not used to android having good microphones… Might have to switch once the plus 9 comes out instead of getting the S20 like I was going to.

  6. I was going to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro but, I don’t think it’s worth it anymore… I think it’s time for a change, OnePlus 8 Pro will be my next phone!

  7. Hmm wanting to get a new phone in Singapore we have the s20 ultra with snapdragon and in certain shops here the price is the same or +-30 sgd between s20 ultra and oneplus 8 Pro. Which one is a better choice though

  8. If Samsung had the snapdragon plus timely updates and more true to life selfie shooter , I’d go with Samsung!!!! For now , I’m stuck with iPhone.

  9. Nothing you say is a long term review.

    All your comments could have been made after 2 days : camera, screen is all you talk about

  10. It’s so funny that people say the one plus and Samsung is more future proof because of 5g but by the time 5g becomes the mainstream the iPhone will still be getting software updates while the others don’t😂😂

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