23 thoughts on “Quick Tip: How To Manage Subscriptions on iOS”

  1. Hello the second one ( keep it mobile ) is in active section but said ‘ expires on …’ this mean u already unsubscribed? But it still runs until??

    So u don’t have to do anything and let it ends in its own time??? Is this corect

    Cuz I try to unsubscribe one in the active section that says expires on… but there’s no unsubscribe button

    Please advise

  2. When I click subscriptions there is no active subscriptions. When I try to take my card off it tells me there is an active subscription. Can you help me?

  3. The thing is I want to get rid of app totally , even on unsubscribed ones , don’t like the iPhone did it , it’s like when you drop shit at toilet and you can’t rinse it off , so it can remains there to remind how hard you try to get rid off it 🤦‍♂️🤪😂 stupid apples 😂

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