Real User Reviews iPhone 12 Pro Max – Ep 3 with @TrakinTech

I was in Pune city meet Arun from @Trakintech and he was using the iPhone 12 Pro Max as his primary Smartphone so I ask him about his experience with the same.

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39 thoughts on “Real User Reviews iPhone 12 Pro Max – Ep 3 with @TrakinTech”

  1. On android, what phone you are talking about? are you comparing a flagship phone in android with iPhone 12 Pro max? Because price is also important here.

  2. I have iphone se 2016 and iphone 7. Still working absolutely fine. But recently after ios 15 upgrade both show battery issue drain fast. I want to buy new phone but so confused.

  3. @TrakinTech pay me instead. I will move your Whatsapp chat successfully. I format my phone almost every 6 months. My chat history extends back to 2017. Would have retained chats from 2014 if my phone was not lost.

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