Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11

Comparing the camera, battery, specs and features of the Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11. The conclusion here, is perhaps not one you expected. Giveaway link:

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47 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11”

  1. I bought iphone x to iphones 13 sorry to say but I see nothing changed and screen isn't even that good its all hype so doesn't matter what iphone buy

  2. I honestly think in MY opinion, if samsung upgraded their emojis, then people will not hesitate to buy it. otherwise, im just hearing people rage about samsung having a plastic cover. 😄

  3. No wait dude. I should start doing reviews. The s20 is such a good-looking phone that everybody who sees it really really loves it. When chicks see I have an SR20 they want to go home with me right away because it's so cool. Then we watch Netflix on it so I think you should make another video stating how you rethought your decision. Everybody knows iPhone junk

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  5. I had a flickering screen lately. I have used this Samsung Galaxy S20 since March 2020. Haven't made up my mind about whether to change the LCD or buy a new handphone. shitty phone dont buy samung premium phones

  6. been a samsung user ever since i was a teen, my galaxy A50 which got sadly dropped in the pool last week i think is still the best phone i have had. however i don't really like the plastic design of current samsung A series phones so i am switching to the iphone 11 for a while until they come up with a better design next time with a cheaper price than the S series.

  7. My personal pov: if S series should have unique camera module that would be amazing.
    As i have to life with 1 difficulty- s20ultra's huge and ugly camera bump.

  8. The samsung S20 is so beautifully designed, there's something about that is so aesthetically pleasing and makes you feel so secure and comfy to have it specially the pink one

  9. Mrwhostheboss is wrong when he said "face ID is more safer". Because hackers can see a picture of you in the internet. Then once they put it in face ID it will unlock. While Samsungs fingerprint scanner is more safe because in pictures you cant really see your fingerprints well. So the samsung is like 10× safer.

  10. When i saw your video i saw a light in my eyes and feels like wow i like that phone , ilove that phone. I dream that phone.. I wish i have that phone. I'm filipino fun of yours. I REALLY REALLY LOVE THAT PHONE THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME MY DREAM😇 please notice me😭

  11. Well maybe the s20 is better but im still going for iphone 11, it last way longer, an iphone from 2015 is still getting uptades in 2021 but an samsung from 2018, is not getting uptades

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