Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11

Comparing the camera, battery, specs and features of the Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11. The conclusion here, is perhaps not one you expected. Giveaway link:

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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11”

  1. The Samsung looks like a good option but it won't be the best option for someone like me, I will just go with the iPhone

  2. Its unbelievable to see how much iphone has improved and literally destroyed samsung in just 2 years with better performance, camera and battery😳🔥

  3. I have used android phones from nexus 4 to pixel 6 pushing every limit. Apple is the best. Hands down. Some features come late on iPhone but when they come, it becomes industry standard.

  4. Lol I can't believe it I'm actually comparing iphone 13 with s20 Fe 5g and Samsung's about 4 year old phone still kicks apple's azz besides I can buy like almost 4 s20 Fe 5g at the price of iphone13 still s20 has better display and network even Ram has faster speeds sure apple has better processor real life use I still don't use over 60% of my old sharkfin oppo Reno I'm pretty sure s20 is good enough for at least 2-3 more years

  5. I hope the freebies are available now but not. somebody broke into our church where we are sleeping . my phone and my two siblings' phone were stolen together with our cash, laptop and camera. hope you could read this and can give me samsung s20 😢😢😢 I'm from the Philippines

  6. But waitt please someone reply so basically I just bought an s20 fe blue and it's actually really nice but now since I it fell and my car drove over it everything broke I fixed everything butt the camera quality and battery really downgraded so I'm selling it it r5k which is good coz i bought it at a discounted price for r4.6k and buying a i11 brand new should I get it ?

  7. Worst mobile and customer service in my experience.
    I faced network issues with the Samsung S20 FE device since I brought it. Contacted the customer service and got to know it had internal damage( dent in the network chip). I got a damaged device and asked for free repair or replacement but they denied free repair and are asking charges for repair (cost more than half the amount of the device).
    They are arguing it was damage from my side and they said it was impact damage. And it doesn't cover under warraanty.
    I haven't dropped the phone even once. Do you know what the told me? They said it must have happened when I kept the device in my pant pockets. It have plastic back, so the damage have happened when in pocket. Samsung is offering a cheap quality devices nowadays and when asked for warranty repairs they just deny it. They have the worst customer service. If you have any doubt just google for any samsung device and check it's review.

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