Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra VS iPhone 13 Pro Max! Hands On! Ultimate Comparison!

It’s the battle of the big phones. I compare Apple’s 2021 iPhone 13 Pro Max against the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Each phone has a massive display and great cameras, but which is best? Let’s see in this ultimate comparison!

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0:00 Intro
1:08 iPhone 13 Pro Max VS Galaxy S22 Ultra
1:23 Dimensions and weight
2:09 Screen Comparison
5:30 Cameras
8:37 Internals and performance
10:12 Battery life
11:17 Charging speeds
11:47 Roundup and summary

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34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra VS iPhone 13 Pro Max! Hands On! Ultimate Comparison!”

  1. If iphone had always on display, better notifications, better pull down short cuts, and keyboard that you dont have to keep going back and forth alot just to type something like samsung I may get a iphone but I had a iphone for 3 months and it's a downgrade so I had to go back to samsung, only thing I liked on iphone was imessages but other than that I can't live in the passed lol. I like both but iphone needs a upgrade on there phones and one more thing that big ugly old fashion look notch got so old looking at makes that 6.7 a 6.5 inch screen while I get a full 6.8 on my new s22 ultra. Apple needs to step up. I don't care about a 10th of a sec on loading speed that's just stupit if you can't wait that long to me. Lol the only thing apple can do lol.

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  3. ☝️☝️I can see why ☝️☝️☝️people are recommending ☝️you it because you are the BEST and most trustworthy ☝️person to get all kinds of APPLE PHONES from keeping on and you we all be blessed 💯💯🤝

  4. Face recognition is more reliable! What happens If you had an accident and scratch your finger tips after falling down, this renders the fingerprint recognition useless!!

  5. Comparison between iOS & Android is usually useless because over 90% have decided what kind of phone that they want to buy (for whatever reasons) 😀.

  6. Smartphones are so close now, that it is semantics talking when someone claims superiority either way. The main differences here, they are also differences between the s22U and all other phones, including Android flagships, is the s-pen and 10X zoom. If neither of these are important then get what you prefer and that may be more to do with OS and ecosystem than the pros and cons of respective features.

    Subjectively I so not use an s-pen or 10X zoom (had the S20u but never used it) so the s22U is a bit expensive for me when compared with other Android smartphones (I use an iPhone and Android). So the Pixel 6 Pro is my current goto Android device. I do not like to fixate on one Android brand as you are somewhat myopic if you do not explore alternatives. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, just get what you enjoy and prefer.

  7. Samsung fans will say: updates are coming.
    Gj on that, waiting 1 year for the phone to be complete with updates (display, battery, performance, camera etc) and after that it's absolute by the new phone coming out. And leta not get the elephant in the room: value drop.

    That's why you need to try an iphone: premium from when you unbox it, and you dont have to wait for updates to fix your phone for what they said in keynote. They add stuff during updates and fix minor bugs, not the entire phone

  8. S22 Ultra was close but Still couldn't beat the iPhone, in my opinion.
    I hate over sharpening on the Samsung and its Saturated higher JNCD display.

    Software is top notch on the iPhone.
    iPhones have higher after sales values

  9. i love both these beasts ( even though i can't afford but one day..)
    my take on what i observe

    1st of i have seen many camera comparisons between these two and its not quite so easy to tell apart which is which some times its x some times its y and some times i hate both its just totally depends on the situation, both are still the best camera phones money can buy
    in low light, samsung manages better hdr in low light the light exposure of stuffs imo
    apple crushes shadows and keeps a very grt detail in sky compared to samsung
    but when it comes to flexibility the pro mode on both video and camera samsung is just completely on another league

    display i would say its a tie, but the bazels on s22 series and that punch hole : ) i just love that

    soc and battery : hands down iphone is on another league( on paper ) in reality the performance disparity can only be seen on games like gensian impact, well in battery in almost all battery tests iphone lasts 1-2 hr more but charges slower so its not a total win for iphone as samsung can charge faster and has a top tier battery life still should've been improved compared to s21 which is a disappointment

    all other features like ip rating, wireless charging, speakers, connectivity just a tie btw them

    software : both have their own advantage its not 2015 anymore both are " secure " and are stable soo its totally preference based as in if ur grp circle use facetime i message and apple product type stuffs u dont have a choice. (if i had enough money i would get both and enjoy both of them : ) but my primary sim would be in galaxy as i don't want to be in that closed garden

    and the spen it depends on what kind of user u are
    for power users' spen will be a magic but to those who use just to call, basic stuffs spen is just a gimmick, so its just a reference thing

    so as a conclusion just ask ur self what u want, still confused ?
    WAIT FOR 14 PRO MAX ( iphone chages their design in like every 5 years 4,4s,5 5c,5s || 6,6s,7,8 || x,xs,11,12,13 share that same notch shid soo wait for 14 series )

  10. I really appreciate your overall unbiased and objective reviews, especially representing a site that's known for an extremely rabid (to the point of toxic) Apple fanbase.

    An iPhone with a 10x telephoto and always on display would be the dream for me :D. Two things I missed going from Android to iOS.

  11. They are equal! And like you said just pick the iPhone if you like the format of that compared to the Samsung. In the end they both have the same generals stats with negatives and positives for both phone. You most likely won’t notice any significant small differences in whatever it may be while using the phone. In the end it’s about the phone that’s right for YOU!

  12. If last year's iPhone 13 Pro Max shames the new Note 22 Ultra, then it's safe to say this year's insane all-new iPhone 14 Pro Max is gonna be so worth the wait. 💯😁

  13. Hey Andrew, Just watched your video about the Comparison of iPhone Pro 13Max with Samgung S22 ultra. Even though iPhone beat the brand new Samsung in the most important aspects (CPU -Screen & battery), your comparison is flowed from foundation. iPhone 13 pro Max is the last year phone from Apple and you are unfairly comparing it with a 2 week old (this years model) of Samsung Flagship. Hlold to your horses and when iPhone 14 Pro Max is released, then start comparing the phones with each other!

  14. The fact that Andrew and an APPLE-FOCUSED CHANNEL did a BETTER review of a smartphone that wasn't an iPhone than some "unbiased" tech channels says how good their content is. Great job Andrew!

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