32 thoughts on “Switching from Android to iPhone in 2022 โ€” The TRUTH!”

  1. Thinking about switching to iPhone after 6 years of Android. Last iPhone was a 6. But I'm nervous that I won't like it. What are some advice y'all can give me from someone who's switched from Android to iPhone?

  2. Android is freedom. You can side load everything easily,you can choose the hardware,you can choose the price range and you can even change to custom kernel and UI with simple steps if you feel bored .But you are the one responsible for your actions.

  3. You don't get what you pay for with the iPhone. A OnePlus 8T sells for the same price as a iPhone SE2020 piece of poop. Everything is better for less. Why would anyone pay $450 for a ready for the Smithsonian phone vs a OnePlus 8T for 400 bucks that still plays with the big boys

  4. Watched a until that moment where you told that iphone makes better photos ๐Ÿ˜€ sorry, but no ๐Ÿ˜€ yes it makes better videos maybe, but photo is quite average.

    very biased content.

  5. As I write in every video, Apple lets other companies Beta Test their ideas. I mean why would I get a phone that's only upgradable to Android 12 while iPhone 7 still gets iOS15 Updates!

  6. Are u using another type of iphone by any chance ? Do you think that the iphone camera module is better looking that samsung or Huawei and even much better ? Think twice…And about the software…look at what Samsung is doing…even better than Google :-))

  7. The last iPhone I've had was a 7 and since then I've moved to Samsung, 2 Pixels, and a Huawei. I'm thinking about going back because I still think fondly about the iPhone camera when I've given Android phones ample chances.

  8. I was android guy always who hated iPhones but my girlfriend always had iPhones so my last android was Samsung note 10+ when I switched to iPhone X then iPhone 11 Pro Max and now 13 pro max never gouing back to android

  9. iPhone is the superior platform, in my opinion. However, I'm still an Android user because of Apple's hardware stubbornness. The iPhone screen notch is still ridiculously ugly, fingerprint scanning is better than Face ID, and the Lightning connector can burn in hell. If Apple got rid of the notch, added some form of fingerprint scanner, and adopted USB-C, I'd switch to iPhone immediately.

  10. I just switched from Samsung 21 to iPhone 13 pro and I'm going to switch straight back. Samsung's way ahead in so many things (this is coming from someone who used iPhones for years and only switched to Samsung 3 years ago).

  11. If you care about your privacy and your data: Android via AOSP (without GAPPS) > iPhone > any other Android. Running AOSP on a pixel as a test currently. Works perfectly fine depending on what you really need your phone to do. That being said, if you install GAPPS on the de-googled phone, your compromising yourself again. If you're not tech-y enough to install your own ROM onto an Android phone, but still care about your privacy, iPhone is probably the way to go (but don't go thinking you'll have full privacy, especially if you don't know how to control your own risk vectors.) Android with Google apps is a no-go for privacy. And if you have to use Apple, make sure you harden the OS as much as you can (install DDG or TOR, Signal, etc.) And FFS, make sure META does not have tracking access to every facet of your life.

  12. Switched from Samsung S11 to second hand IPhone XS. No Regrets at all. Even bought the Macbook Pro 2021(had various Dell XPS laptops), afterwards. The Ecosystem is just so much better than anything. its seamless, discovering new things everything. For example when writing an email, and i would want to take a picture of something, i can do it directly from my iphone and it will just embed directly in the mail instant. This is coming from a Android user for the last 8 years + Windows. looking forward to the next iphone, when i need to upgrade. So far the XS is really good and snappy, even its a few years old.

  13. But what about the keyboard?! Arrgh TBH, that's probably the biggest thing holding me back. I've been team Samsung since the S3 and I've always been able to customize my icons using AWD launcher and keyboard using SwiftKey. Not being able to long-press for symbols and punctuation may be a deal breaker for me.
    Not to mention that I've always used Samsung Smartswitch to transfer everything, and I do mean everything, to a new device when upgrading. How is THAT gonna work if I take the plunge?

  14. i think my next phone will be an iphone 13 or 14, coming from an s20fe. i have had android for so many years that i want to try something next.
    my phone history basically looks like: galaxy s3 mini, iphone 5, huawei p9 lite, huawei p20, huawei p30 lite, galaxy s8+ and now the s20 fe. trying ios again would be kinda nice, as i think one ui is VERY slow. It is clear that samsung didnt optimize it alot, because my phone lags in the ui from time to time. which doesnt happen with ios if i remember correctly. i honestly just want a smooth phone.

    i also like the shape of the iphone 12 and 13 (i have only held a 12, but its the same design) more than the feel of my s20 fe.

    Only things i think im gonna miss is: the tiny holepunch, always on display, the color palet and maybe the fingerprint sensor
    things that im not gonna miss is: the laggy ui, unsafe face unlock and the boring phone design.

    It seems like getting an iphone is a bad idea, but the shitty ui optimization is annoying as fuck and the face unlock is just 50x safer on the iphone.

    what do you guys think?

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